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  1. RT @Steelesport: 8972 The Greatest Number there ever was! Merry Christmas

  2. Grew up in Sydney. Now live in Canberra. Support the Newtown Jets and Rochdale Hornets. Also a Canberra Raiders season ticket holder and member.
  3. If they do play, it's not the first time four brothers have played in the one side at the one time. Happened in the 20's with the Mighty Annandale side and in German RL national side a few years ago had four brothers play in the one side.
  4. Canterbury have had two movie tie in jerseys. Avatar in 2011 and Star Wars last year and both were auctioned off for charity. Melbourne did a Batman Dark Night jersey last year too. Now Tigers have done one too.
  5. Here's a pic of the St George heritage jersey. It's based on the 1929/30 jersey which was the first jersey that the Saints wore that had a vee. Before that they wore irregular hoops when they entered the comp in 1920.
  6. Here's the new Kangaroos jersey. Pretty much universal dislike from fans over here. Main points of concern is the vee doesn't go up to the shoulder, and they've screwed around with the coat of arms adding some funny vee thing in there where the smaller six states shields should be.
  7. Oxford shirts. Like the home, away not so much.
  8. From the sublime above (Swinton & Fev) to the ridiculous... The new offerings from the Gold Coast.
  9. Sorry but that's biggest load of tosh I've read on here for a while. We live in a free market society. Nobody forces you to buy a new shirt every year and what's wrong with wearing a shirt that is six years old to a game? Over here in Oz the older your "jersey" the more of a fan you are. From what I understand of clubs and sponsorships, these are usually done on a yearly basis, so having a requirement that shirts and sponsors have a minimum of two years to run would remove a bucket load of potential sponsors. My team Newtown Jets has had the same design since 1976, royal blue with three stripes on the sleeves and before that it was the same jersey since 1908. Point being that it's who is inside the shirt and what they're doing that makes me proud to follow them not what they're wearing. Lastly, just because your club has a new strip every year your loyalty to them shouldn't change one bit, or is it just me???
  10. To me that Brissie shirt looks like a soccer shirt more than a RL shirt. I actually don't mind it.
  11. Rochdale, yesterday
  12. Hornets away shirt... Based on the Fijian shirt in the lead up to world cup. Looks fantastic.
  13. Wire. Home is dire. Away is OK.
  14. Dewsbury's new home shirt. Interesting to see they've gone back to the crest badge.