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  1. NCL Duel Reg

    Amateur has a definition..... Amateur is amateur.... if the NCL (primarily the Premier league) has to accept professionals within each clubs ranks then by definition it becomes semi professional - therefore the RFL would need to recognise that and amend the funding structure.... In principle I do understand the rationale behind the initiative but it is a slippery slope... Amateur is amateur - leave it that way..... IMO... It would possibly be an idea to make the Premier league semi professional in order to implement dual reg (along with other initiatives to assist / support the professional game) but at the same time they would have to stop flogging dead horses promoting the game where it does not and never will flourish - put that money into grassroots rugby in the traditional heartlands of the game - they might even find an increase in participation then?? It is Toulouse next I believe as if it is not embarrassing enough having half a dozen very poor English 'pro' teams lets make a French one??????????
  2. Prem Relegation

    Oulton, West Hull, Thatto......