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  1. Your favourite era of the game?

    Definitely the 80s for me, but again that is an age thing. The Kangaroo tours of 82, 86 and 90 (not quite the 80s!). Oldham playing the 86 Kangaroos at a packed Watersheddings. Great Britain beating the Aussies for the first time in 10 years in 88. Oldham beating Wigan in the Cup. Wigan v Manly. The great Wigan/Widnes battles. The star Aussies (Meninga, Kenny, Sterlo, Ella, Lewis et al). Even Oldham had some top Aussie talent in Paul Taylor, Dave Liddiard, Gary Bridge, Chris Phelan, Gary Warnecke. The annual trips to Wembley before the Wigan dynasty started, especially Halifax with Anderson and Eadie. Oldham getting to Challenge Cup Semi Finals. Those were the days!