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    You all? Then won't mind finding the quotes from us all saying you're mad will you? I don't think you're mad, I think you're a cabbage
  2. Haven V Town predictions

    Guess the spanner that wrote that doesn't understand a double negative lol. If brains were Dynamite.......
  3. New signing

    FFMM will create a job more like. The rest of the props will have do an extra 20+ mins between them after he's had his 10min stint in each half
  4. No one promised anything bell end, if I remember correctly you just made the investigation bit up at the time. In the spirit of the season why not look into if it's possible to grow brains and you can get to work on a new one for yourself while you're snowed in.
  5. Premier Sports cancellation

    Seem to be a magnet for some extreme bell ends too
  6. York Community Stadium update

    I know a pussy when I come across one
  7. York Community Stadium update

    Work it out yourself, it's more fulfilling.
  8. York Community Stadium update

    You need to read WWD's post again, do you understand how hyphens are used in sentences?
  9. 2018 Squad

    More strops on here than an old fashioned Barbers shop this off season. It's funny as ###### to sit on the edge and take them all in.
  10. Maybe that's when the drink started to kick in? Might've been on the sauce pre game.......the rest of the team looked like they had
  11. It's posts from the mentally challenged that keep me coming back to read stuff on this forum. Thanks for the laugh, looking forward to more 😁😂✊💦🌋
  12. Neutral refs in international RL

    Keep in mind you're talking to an ozzie, a certain degree of 'talking to a child' mentality is required usually
  13. Well

    Yeah I think that's me done too. Will steer my young un towards football, it might be boring as owt to watch but at least there'll be no chance of him being shat on by town if he doesn't play the game
  14. derby game

    Aye, thanks Mr Clark, but you can 'fork' off now.
  15. Ask them? There's a better chance of finding out doing that than wondering on here. (I'd guess at a 1% better chance, where there is 0% chance of finding out on here 🙂)
  16. Been some really dumb stuff from Wigan tonight. Nearly everyone's had a turn
  17. Manu did knobkins like a kipper there lol
  18. I can easily say it wasn't from that picture, the player wasn't in contact with the ground at that point, nor was he put down in that position.
  19. Didn't see a spear tackle on that video. Did see a player being taken past horizontal though, but no spear tackle
  20. Barrow Game .

    Heard a rumor most people are on holiday with PJ
  21. Good. More half backs fighting for the England places the better
  22. Didn't watch the game but interested to know from the Sneyd for England camp how he performed.