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  1. Bad News from companies House

    Hello there tangled. Just to set your mind at rest I am infact grossly over weight, terribly pale, lank and spotty. I am in fact the reigning mr oldham. . .
  2. Bad News from companies House

    Chris is pretty big these days, if hes managed to eat himself bigger than oldham rugby I dont know? Hes not been sen much in these parts recently better check with the leigh fans!
  3. Hamilton No Show at Swinton

    Is Leighs Stadium as badly managed as Oldham Rugby? It looks to me like their stadium is well, run, well utilised and in good fettle all round. Looks like the big lad is neglecting his duties to Oldham whilst feathering his nest elsewhere. Anyway carn't say too much about the supreme leader on here without getting censored!
  4. Watersheddings - no Wikipedia page for this historic stadium

    Unfortunately Oldham Rugby is all but dead, Blue Monkey. There are so few people who care anymore it doesn't surprise me that Sheddings is not listed on wikipedia. Your comments about giving our controller a nudge are all well and good. As a Swinton fan I am interested how you feel about visiting Whitebirk. Does the place put you off attending ?
  5. Attendance Numbers

    Tubey, You have a very poor attitude to life. There is nothing that can be done its too late. If it wasn't for Chris we wouldn't have an Oldham Rugby. Lets just make the most of our situation and be good loyal fans, pay out money and keep quiet. You deserve Whitebirk, to get wet, and drink warm beer, and be (almost) alone.
  6. Attendance Numbers

    Our position is very unfortunate. We have a simpleton, megalomaniac, in charge of our club who will not give over until he gets the golden egg he thinks he deserves. Our town has been badly run for numerous years now. The town echoes our rugby club. Other RL clubs and towns in our area have been (more) forward thinking over the last 20 years. We are the worst pro club is existence and the crappyest town in Lancashire. The best thing the lunatics running our town have done for us is given us the tram to get out as quickly as possible and allow us to spend our money in Manchester and Bury etc. Im afraid Big chris has also forced fans out of town without even giving us the means of a tram . I saw hundreds (in fact more and more each season) of Oldham people at Superleague games (various clubs) last year. Habits are hard to break - Big Chris has some way to go to break the hand and foot ladies habits but he has gradually most peoples.
  7. Attendance Numbers

    All true - No future without suitable facilities - No chance of suitable facilities with Hamilton. It is nice to consider a post Hamilton Oldham Rugby, but I think the reality is he will hang onto his cards until the whole thing caves in. If no one bought a season ticket / any merchandise / lottery etc this would strangle the big lad and maybe force him to consider a partner or alternative before the season kicks off. The loonies that tip up to Whitebank, pay Chris and are thankful for him keeping ORL alive have killed this club by keeping enough pennies moving through the coffers to allow him to continue his reign . We are the lowest supported club in the professional game - Im embarrassed to say.
  8. Attendance Numbers

    Hello Higgy, Yes we are in the absolute doldrums of RL (the North West Pennies League 6 of professional RL) and th eattendances in the league are poor. I think you are missing the point that we have the lowest number of supporters of any other traditional RL club (this number includes away support also). We should not be comparing Oldham against Oxford, Gloucestershire, Peterborough, Weston-Super-mare or any other recently made-up rugby club as a bench mark (we are ###### but so is everyone else in no good to anybody). The combined attendances of Saddleworth, Waterhead and Saint Annes would be higher than 499. I'm not worried about the other basement clubs, my concern is the once great Oldham Rugby and how fall its fallen and how far it will be allowed to fall and if it could be saved before Big Chris runs it into the ground and moves to Leigh!
  9. Attendance Numbers

    The answer to 4. by the way is 6!
  10. Attendance Numbers

    Championship One York 645 Hunslet 508 Oldham 499 Skolars 464 Thunder 263 Scorpions 279 Oxford 271 Hemel 219 Gloucestshire 211 Just saw this on the main board - Out of a town with nearly 1/4 million people < 500 now attend. How low does this number need to fall before... 1. The business is unsustainable? 2. Big Chris will accept a sensible offer for whats left. 3. The club is worth saving by an interested party.
  11. Bad News from companies House

    Hello Tubular, Yes I agree with you on most of your points here... most conversations change in course of discussion. However, I do not understand some of your points...... What confidence do the supporters have in ORL? Only a few nutty ones maybe (The Hand and Foot Woman??) The Players and potential sponsors know exactly what they are getting involved in so why would it be unsettling? Our plight is well understood. Most Oldham RL players are happy to be associated - We are the absolute bottom rung and any young lads see it as a starting point to move forward and the older guys see it as a last chance saloon!
  12. Is this the strongest man in Rugby League?

    Ryan Bailey is OK - Brisbane Shetland pony's maybe but not the Bronco's. A bit of a pantomime villain - and get smashed when ever he tries anything with anyone who know what they are doing.
  13. Is this the strongest man in Rugby League?

    The importance of Ryan Bailey is missed by many people. He makes up the numbers in a team of good players and helps keep the salary cap under the threshold!
  14. Is this the strongest man in Rugby League?

    JWH may be strong as hell but hes worth a few penalties every game!