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  1. Big loss

    dont think Liam works at DONG anymore Morty.I for one will be gutted if Oli goes somewhere else, like the Vet said his experience alone in the league we are in now would be invaluable!
  2. Grounds where you have seen Barrow RL play

    we played West hull at a rugby union ground in the challenge cup a few years ago, maybe around 2009??
  3. Toronto Trip Funding

    what a great effort by the supporters to set this up!! are the club really that hard up for cash they need the supporters help?if so that is very very worrying. i understand a 2nd trip to Toronto may not have been budgeted for but surely a club of barrow's size shouldnt need help from the supporters for 2k someone eluded to the club paying out more winning money than others as possibly a reason, surely and im no businessman but it would have been factored into the budget for the year that Barrow would probably win most of their games. i hope to god we go over their and give them a hammering but it seems as though the whole trip earlier in the season was turned into 1 big negative, and as such turned out the same on the pitch, seems like the same is also happening with this trip aswell
  4. Welcome to Town Perry

    got yourself a real player in Perry, good lad as well
  5. Officially 2017 squad

    Barrow and surrounding area
  6. Officially 2017 squad

    most definately
  7. Officially 2017 squad

    i hear there have been alot of phone calls to amateurs in south cumbria asking if they fancy signing, a few are more than good enough to play at that standard
  8. Chris Hankinson

    happy days
  9. Chris Hankinson

    fully agree with you Morty, either you have it or you dont! matty smith is THE worst goal kicker ive seen in a long time and he had Jonny Wilkinson as his kicking coach for a while. from what i saw Hankinson was an exceptional kicker and will be hard to replace

    yeah understand what your saying JCD, almost everyboby was/is doing it, it was just we got caught i loved those years watching players at one point we could have only dreamed of getting, and crowds well over 2k every week!!! back to the current team, i still think Cresta is the right man for the job, hopefully its just a slow start, maybe as the ground gets harder things will buck up!! did hear Mossy may be injured whichh will be a big miss IMO

    Problem is though JCD we were cheating, that team was created on the back of breaking rules that are there to stop teams spending beyond their means. i dont know about the debt etc so can comment yes without sounding harsh to the lads playing today, yes id rather watch Zeb, Ned playing, but i believe the club going forward is in the right hands and with Cresta in charge we have the right man to do it
  12. Warrington

    gutted for Liam, just hope another game that will draw a large crowd can be arranged for him as he deserves nothing less!!
  13. There was a game at CP yesterday!

    im the same as the Vet rooster, as i play puff ball (as my father puts it) on a saturday i dont really get to many games, but keep a close eye on here and talk to my mates who still play! i'll be down CP alot more next year when i retire from sport ha
  14. V Whitehaven 18/1/15

    Well done to the lads and a big well done to Cresta, tadge, the rev etc.