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  1. Toulouse

    Fantastic result Hornets .... one in the eye for all the expansionists and the uneven playing field.

    Confirmed , He is the new Coach at Keighley Cougars. Bad news for you is it is a straight swap for Paul March

    Good luck in the Middle 8s Bulldogs !
  4. James haynes

    Because the RFL want to see teams like Tolouse go up and don't give a sheeite about us little clubs .It will be the same again next season with Toronto in CH1 . Good Luck York , hope yoy can pull through.
  5. Correct , the RFL would have nothing to mess up and corupt if we had an easy system to follow , it all makes as much sense as Canada joining CH 1 next year.(Another team for RFL to fast track after Tolouse )
  6. Toulouse vYork

    Lets face it , Tolouse have been fast tracked by the R.F.L. , Diff' salary cap etc etc , they want them in the SL and this was the only way they could do it without any ripples so to speak . Hoping for a great game today , always look forward to Rochdale games but with a Cougar win of course ;-)
  7. New coach

    It could be worse , you could have Paul March applying and getting the job .....

    The whole Dual Reg situation is a complete shambles and only causes contempt from first team players that are missing games , I'm really pleased my club is staying away from it again this season. Tap into the wealth of local talent , there's tons of it out there. Looking forward to our friendly match soon !
  9. Bookies Odds this season - thoughts?

    Crusaders were the dark horses of the league last year , some suprising results although they relied heavily on dual reg , with Warrington first team members featuring quite a lot.
  10. 2016 Squad.

    Good luck with Big Samir from Bradford Dulls , he may look the part but is very indisciplined , orften lashing out in the tackle which usually makes him a target. Although we saw flashes of brilliance this last season with him he doesn't seem to ' Run his weight' and generally gets tackled very easily. Saying all that he can be quite deadly close to the line on the run in. I genuinely hope he does well for you just not when you play us :-D
  11. Ollie Wilkes

    Brilliant signing , well done.
  12. Are we ready ?

    Congtatulations Swinton , enjoy the Championship.
  13. Thanks to other fans

    Hard luck fearnothing , better luck next year .
  14. Today match

    Looking forward to next week :-D
  15. Hard luck Crusaders better luck in next years play offs , always a pleasure to see you at Cougar Park.