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  1. abide with me

    I shared it on Facebook.. Absolutely fantastic.. It's been released as a download single, raising money for the twins
  2. Community Stadium

    Surely the safety certificate won't be much different from when we've played at BC previously?? Don't recall it being an issue then?.... As for the holes for the posts... My dad has an auger drill that we can borrow!!
  3. Gloucester away - SATURDAY 3pm

    Was only asking the question speaks99 given that other posts alluded to this happening every season..
  4. Gloucester away - SATURDAY 3pm

    Question..... So if I've read right on a previous post somewhere the bootham crescent pitch is always revived and regenerated during the close season, where the hell were we ever going to play?? They're all in bloody cahoots!!
  5. Council statement

    were city told eons ago they had to move from bc when the then chairman sold their ground?- deano, dad and I were wondering the same, we seemed to recall BC was sold to persimmon or someone for housing?! This is just becoming a joke and we'll end up the laughing stock of the league..
  6. York City Knights v Hull

    The man hasn't a clue I'm afraid., he's clearly stubborn and diluded,, I have thought this for a long time and hopefully now the rose tinters will see exactly the mess he's making of the club.. Oh how I wish that there was a millionaire in York who loved rugby league........ Now where did I put that lottery ticket.....??
  7. York City Knights v Hull

    It's a joke.. I feel so sorry for the players, all they want to do is play rugby and are coming up against hurdle after hurdle.. We'll have no ground to start the league with at this rate and who knows what consequences that will throw up.. Unfortunately I'll not be making the trip to the keepmoat as its a 220 mile round trip for me..