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  1. Scottish 'league' format 2015

    Happy to report that Bulls have 11 open age fixtures in the 12 weeks from 9th May to 25th July and hope to have 12 if we can plug another game in to our only weekend off. True that 3 of these fixtures are 9's festivals. However not a bad first season. Now I just need to get the youth some games. By the way, RFL don't pay for anyone in Scotland.
  2. MatchPoint Saltire Schools Cup

    Bulls have once again helped arrange another Matchpoint Saltire Schools Cup (North) tie - this time between Aberdeen Grammar and Westhill Academy at S4/5 (U17). Both schools have Club-School Agreements in place with Bon Accord Bulls. The tie is being played on Monday 30th March at Westdyke - kick off is 4pm and Bulls' Ray Hall will be refereeing the game. Good luck to both teams.
  3. Scottish 'league' format 2015

    I have done this previously with Cramlington at youth level. Games at U15 and U17 held in Edinburgh - a great day and one I hope to repeat with Cramlington or ANOther club in June or early July this year - if there is anyone out there who fancies this then get in touch - but it would cost around £700 for us to organize - we would get something back from our own players in match fees/bus fares but we never cover 100% of the cost and the opposition have to shell out too.
  4. Scottish 'league' format 2015

    Friendlies with English clubs will keep clubs active but at considerable cost either for teams travelling North or Scottish teams travelling South. Small tournaments - there are several 9's tournaments organized but most players want a proper 13-aside game - but yes, a four or five team tournament with 3 x 25 or 4 x 20 minute games for each team would be OK and also a good day out.
  5. Scottish 'league' format 2015

    I believe the answer is NONE - I will ask the SRL next time I speak with them.
  6. South Trafford Raiders rise again!

    Good luck - originally from Sale myself and working hard to make things happen in Aberdeen. All the best with the venture.
  7. looking for 13s and 15s games

    If you fancy heading North we could see about meeting you halfway - Edinburgh? We have done this previously with Cramlington.
  8. Scottish 'league' format 2015

    In sport, as in life, nothing is perfect but a lot of people who don't get paid are doing a lot of work to try to make things better. They don't always get it right but that's life and hopefully we all learn from our mistakes, get better and move on. As for the national team gaining entry to competitions you will gather from previous posts that I am so far removed from those dizzy heights as to be not much bothered one way or the other but as others have commented, if the national team qualified then good luck to them and I wish them well. You are right that there aren't many people in Scotland that would list Rugby League as their first sport but to refer to the sport as an utter joke is not a fair reflection either. There are good talented players in Scotland and if we can sort ourselves out to channel our energies in the right direction to grow and develop the sport then there is hope for the future of the game. As for funding, at club level we apply for our own funding from the various bodies that award grants - this is no small task in itself and comes on top of coaching, recruiting players, managing teams, organising transport and fixtures and all the other minutiae of building and running a club. Quite simply there is no cash except for what you generate yourself. So as an ex-Scotland Students player I presume you enjoyed your Rugby League and hope that you will wish us all well North of the border as we try to grow a stronger and more sustainable Rugby League structure. It is a shame you didn't take the initiative when you were at Dundee University to form a Rugby League club - perhaps then we wouldn't be having this discussion.
  9. MatchPoint Saltire Schools Cup

    Matchpoint Saltire Schools Cup (North) - Congratulations to the U15 North Region winners, The Gordon Schools, Huntly. Well done to Turriff Academy who were playing their first Rugby League fixtures ever and to Westhill Academy - both worthy opponents but someone has to win so well done to the lads from Huntly. Follow us and ReTweet this
  10. Bon Accord Bulls are delighted to have been awarded a £5250 grant from Awards for All Scotland to help launch the club. The grant will be used to fund equipment, kit, facilities hire, training and transport costs to kick-start Bulls first season. Bulls are offering Rugby League to youths from U12 right up to adults. The club has already been busy in the community and has Club-School Agreements in place with five local schools. On the back of this work in schools the club has organised the first ever U15 North of Scotland Schools Rugby League Tournament to be held in Aberdeen on 18th March. Level 2 coaches Cameron Brown and Ray Hall ran a successful North East Scotland League last year and will be doing the same again on a bigger scale and across more age groups in 2015 under the Bulls banner. The formation of a Bulls open age squad for 2015 is picking up pace with the fixture list filling up and the number of adults wanting to play growing steadily. Fixtures kick off in May and Bulls will be preparing in April. Interest in the club is growing and the trickle of enquiries that started late last year is gaining real momentum. Come and join our community. We want to be known as a community club that attracts people that want to enjoy the great sport of Rugby League in a family-friendly environment. We are recruiting NOW and are looking for players of all abilities from U12 upwards and volunteers to help run the club - click the Join Club Website button on our homepage, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @bonaccordbulls - PLAY TO ENJOY and ENJOY PLAYING!
  11. Scottish 'league' format 2015

    To be honest I don't know if there is a formal league this year - clubs are arranging their own fixtures and Bulls are just happy that other teams have come forward to offer us games and invite us to their 9's festivals. Whether that means we are in a merit league, I don't know and not much bothered - just happy to be playing. Maybe future years will be more formal if we can grow the game and make it sustainable. Just so long as we keep enjoying it.
  12. Scottish 'league' format 2015

    Bulls will also play local rivals and current champions Aberdeen Warriors on 16th May (Warriors Dev squad) and 11th July (Warriors Snr squad).... so as you can see the fixture list is beginning to fill up quite nicely - love it when a plan comes together.
  13. Scottish 'league' format 2015

    Thanks to Edinburgh Eagles we have our first open age fixtures of the 2015 season. In fact these are our first open age fixtures ever! 9th May at home, 30th May away and 6th June Edinburgh 9's - HURRAH! Retweet this
  14. Scottish 'league' format 2015

    Farmduck - I don't know the answer to your questions. All I can tell you is that at the grass roots in Scotland it's tough. I have been involved for the last 5 years and it is a struggle but that's life. Whether or not the national squad automatically qualify for the WC and whether Scotland holds full membership of the RLEF or not is of little consequence to me - I am too busy trying to get fixtures for youth and open age teams sorted to worry about such things. But I take your point and have some sympathy with the countries you mention.
  15. Scottish 'league' format 2015

    I hear rumours the North club could be Fraserburgh. Obviously pleased for Hamilton if they're starting something but that's Central (South of Glasgow) so would be another £600+ 3-4 hour coach trip there and back from Aberdeen and SRL website doesn't currently have any contact details for them or whoever the new North club might be. I am sure all will be revealed in the fullness of time but it's not helpful not having the information when you're trying to organize fixtures.