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  1. Championship Shield: Featherstone 16 Dewsbury 34

    Featherstone Rovers vs Dewsbury Rams Highlights click on the game
  2. The Truth

    As I see it Prycy landed badly and did an amazing job to get the ball down... sorry all you Prycy boo boys but there you have it. I feared the worst given his history of back problems and indeed the medical staff signified the change to be made whilst he was still lying on the floor. NOW TO THE TRUTH.... From what I saw Morro immediately went to Crookes and got him to warm up on the touchline with our staff holding the card ready to make the interchange. Then Prycy gets up and walks back with the Physio giving a thumbs up whilst the Doctor chats with Karl before confirming the Physio's thumbs up by putting his thumbs up also. At no point did I see the Dewsbury coaching staff force them to do this or indeed did the coaching staff decide to keep Prycy on the field... in fact as I saw it Morro was shouting due to the indecision and the fact HE wanted to make the change. We will never know what has gone on behind closed doors both before and after the event and of course after the 'Mourinho' incident it is very easy to jump on the bandwagon and make something appear different to what it was. Let's remember after last weeks horrific injury to the Batley player and hearing Morro in the post match interviews saying he wanted medical staff to get enough room to give the injured Batley player all the support they needed as player welfare is a number 1 priority why would he not afford the same to his own player? Yes tempers raged, yes things could have been different... I could not hear exactly what words were exchanged and yes it is not ideal to do it publicly but they were in a middle of a match in a confusing scenario. To accuse the coaching staff of ignoring medical advice is a serious accusation, and one that should not be taken lightly but feel that given the evidence is not true in this instance.
  3. Get behind the boys!

    Been lurking a while as didnt know forum existed and saw the attached picture on twitter by dewsbury rams mascot and it got me thinking. Time for all you naysayers to stand up and be counted and support the boys. The team have had some bad results and confidence is low yet you want them to put in a performance. Think about how you would feel on that pitch when things have gone a bit awry and all you hear is criticism. Would that urge you on? Would you feel positive? So just as you want the team to see off the bad times with positive play you must all be positive that the good times will come back and help them through the bad. KP needs to have the crowd supporting him - he is not the messiah but could be very good for the team as his confidence grows. There are some solid performances each week and the plays seem positive just a little over eagerness and some inexperience have cost us. I for 1 look forward to a confidence boosting performance next time round and the certainty that our injuries will all heal and get some luck on our side