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  1. Give over 1 win changes it I couldn't see us winning all season and expected 30-40 defeat from you last week long way to go
  2. Anyone know a radio link
  3. Unfortunately I have to agree with lakeland ! Town will run riot, we are imploding :-(
  4. We won't be done Saturday marra it'll be down to 2 !!!
  5. Ahh
  6. On our forum Chris Coward has gone ! Any truth in this ? If so what's going on over there ?
  7. Don't panic lads it'll be swinton and oldham for the drop.
  8. London's New player the png captain Israel eliab has just arrived be interesting to see how he does if he plays. Hasn't played for months so might be well off the pace.
  9. Get well soon Keith
  11. Come on lads move on.Donald stick to the shandies in future
  12. Good Lad is Donald just think he'd had a few too many beers enjoying our rare victory over our neighbours.
  13. Donaldo enjoy our win & get yourself to bed marra you drunken bum.
  14. Merry Xmas to all at town and here's to all cumbrian sides doing well, and also hoping for more competitive derby games this year obviously with Haven winning them all