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  1. Would the Cru have decamp again over the summer months at Queensway? I was under the impression that the local athletics club got first dibs on the use of the Stadium?
  2. Huge congratulations to Rochdale. Getting Kilshaw on board has been a great move and he's building a very strong squad. He did a fantastic job at Wire and really benefited from his stint in Aus as well. With Rob Massam and other personnel joining next season they should give things a good go in the Championship next season. A well run club on and off the field.
  3. I've got a feeling the Cru might sneak this one. With the coaching staff and key players moving on to pastures new next season, they will want to go out on a high.
  4. It's looking like Rob Massam is Rochdale bound. Should imagine the likes of TJ and JW will join the exodus as well. I wonder if Mark Croston will reignite his interest in the Cru. He was interested at the start of the season but was put off by the behind the scenes shenanigans. He's done a decent job with the Skolars and also has string links with the Chester Gladiators.
  5. You have hit the nail on the head there Newbie. Scorps have shown it can be done. They invested in a proper player pathway and got their house in order off the field. Results on the field suffered but they are in good shape and they have some very exciting news on the horizon. NW Crusaders gambled attracting players with over inflated wages in a bid to boost crowds. It brought some short term success but there is no infrastructure or tangible youth set up (bar Allen Jones' stellar work).
  6. A good showing from the Crusaders considering the off-field shambles. Credit to the players for turning out and giving 100% in the circumstances. Big blow that Muzza won't be with the club next season. Understandable due to the budget cuts but he was a key factor in keeping the squad together.
  7. I think that is the ambition. The Football Club are on a sound financial footing thanks to the supporters trust. Don't think it will happen for a long time.
  8. I think any move away from the Cae Ras would be detrimental to crowd numbers, as has been proven with the dip in numbers heading to the Rock and Hare Lane. But the club's finances will prove the biggest stumbling block to any stay - the football club are going to want to generate revenue after taking over the lease and are going to want certain guarantees that the Crusaders are able to meet those costs. I think NW Crusaders have a massive rebuilding job to do with local businesses. The mess and unpaid bills left by the previous regime means that a lot of local businesses (including the council) may be wary of linking up. Word of mouth is contagious. I guess Queensway or (at a push) Deeside would be viable options with a bit on investment to bring them both up to standard.
  9. Nothing to be alarmed about. It's pretty much the same agreement that they had in place Warrington - use of the AJ Bell for training/weights and the expertise of Salford's Sports Science gurus, in exchange for helping blood Salford's youngsters and giving game time to members of the senior squad. As 95% of the squad are pooled from the North West, it's a no brainer when it comes to saving pennies on travel expenses.
  10. As a fan of both sports, I think RL players could learn a lot from their NFL counterparts in terms of footwork.
  11. I think it's pretty much the same deal that the Crusaders had in place with the Wire last year. I doubt we'll see the likes of Westwood, Hill and Simms lining up against the Cru next season, but they'll use the partnership to keep squad players fresh and blood some of the youngsters. I guess this move means the Crusaders will no longer get to use the Wolves' Padgate training facility, which is a real shame. But apart from that, good on the Cru if they decide to go it alone this season. They've got a big and good enough squad to do so.
  12. I understand it was for criticising an official. Think they took into account his previous social media misdemeanor's when handing out the ban, as 8 games does seem pretty excessive!
  13. Couldn't agree more... quality player. And just the type of signing the the fans are craving.
  14. I believe that most of last year's squad have been offered new deals (but on reduced terms). Such is the pull of Murray, I think a lot of them will end up resigning despite less money being offered. In terms of new signings, I believe we'll be raiding our dear friends in Rochdale for a couple of players
  15. I see that Jono has just signed for Rochdale. A huge blow to lose him, especially to our bitter rivals. A sign of things to come?