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  1. Wakefield Stadium

    There isn't a covenant as such on Belle Vue. There is a planning condition in the permission for the housing that the bank could apply to have removed. Given that renewal is due in February next year i would guess this course of action will be taken and if Wakefield have willingly vacated the premises then the worry is it weakens the objections gives the council a way to remove the condition.
  2. Crowdwatch

    Just as a point of note if you quoted the Wakefield Saints game from round 4 as 9676 then it was reported incorrectly at the time. The actual attendance as reported by our chairman was 4104.
  3. Sammut set for Wakefield exit

    No wakey have spare cap space because Paea has gone, we had spent up beforehand as quoted by the chairman just 2 or 3 weeks ago. The only way we will create anymore is to release more players with Sammut being an obvious candidate.