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  1. Your favourite era of the game?

    Here's a few videos from my favourite era https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFmx6hDi3Vc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptTiZvm9o4g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEI7sj7khdE Sheffield v Wigan Challenge Cup Final Saints v Wigan Regal Trophy Final England v Australia 95 World Cup
  2. Your favourite era of the game?

    For me its not so much about the quality of the games, I still enjoy them now. It's more about the total package surrounding it. Maybe because there was not such a huge distance between the Premier League and Super League at the time in regards to wages etc and the players seemed to have more character to them. Even though the sport was not as professional then, the players seemed more like stars, same as in football. Players like Barry McDermott, Stuart Field, Adrian Morley and Andy Farrell seemed like genuine tough guys who loved the battles, who is there from your particular favourite years that stood out? A lot of people do not like the yo yo clubs that came around from promotion and relegation but I have always enjoyed that side of it, not saying Leigh will go up or come straight back down but they have added a lot of good players to the Championship this season who could have stayed in Super League. With Toulouse and Toronto looking to do the same, this reminds me of just after Super League when there were a few good teams looking to get promoted every year and decent players at a lot of the smaller clubs.
  3. If not the present, what are your favourite years of Rugby League? After watching the Cook Islands v U.S.A from the 95 Emerging Nations tournament it reminded me of when I first got into the game. My favourite few years was from the Centenary Season until around 2000. The sport seemed to have a higher profile than it does now, there were superstar players and the excitement of the new Super League made it a great time to be watching the game. Highlights for me were the World Club Challenge- even though the British teams didn't do that well The Kits Promotion and relegation from the championship and Featherstone nearly going up only to just lose out to Wakefield Adrian Morley, Iestyn Harris, Jason Robinson, Sean Long, there were lots of excellent players emerging as well as the older players like Shaun Edwards, Offiah, and Gary Connolly around The Sky commentators actually suited that time period and didn't seem as annoying The Up n Under film We seemed to nearly beat Australia before losing close games, especially the 95 World Cup final I wonder if most people's favourite times will be around the time of them been at school or are there other years that stand out for particular reasons
  4. The Expansion of the game

    Very weird comment which I think I says more about the poster than I ever can! Where is there conferences of five semi pro teams set in different locations just under league 1 competing to enter that competition? Why would it matter if people have unrealistic dreams on an Internet forum? I bet you're one of those that said the Toronto team would never happen.
  5. The Expansion of the game

    I would also like to see expansion just a bit further down the road from where we already are. Why is there not a big presence in places like Grimsby, Chester, Luton? The Hull clubs could work the whole of the East Coast and up the North East, Widnes and Warrington expand outwards, London have a huge area to work with. The expansion does not always have to be a Super League club, why not just grow the game though opening up new clubs either League 1 standard or amateur where no clubs existed before.
  6. With some good ideas and conversation going on in the Scotland thread, I just wondered what people's ideas about expanding the game are. Personally I think a good way to go is to start having conferences either below League 1 or for League 1 This would cut down on travel costs and also create local rivalries, two key elements when creating clubs. With local derbies played fans could travel, creating better atmospheres and more interest with the area. For example we could have a Welsh Conference, a Scottish Conference, the North East, Devon and Cornwall, North West and Midlands. Create new teams or build existing clubs in places like Middlesborough, Sunderland, Glasgow, Edingburgh, Derby, Birmingham and Nottingham. You could start with 5 teams in each conference and let them grow at their own pace. With help from the RFL and Super League and Championship clubs, low running costs and by linking up with the local communities that they represent, there would be a good chance to grow Rugby League throughout Britain. There would be 8 games from playing all the teams in your conference, an extra 8 from playing the teams from the conference nearest to you and the top 2 go through to a knockout. Friendlies against higher opposition and cup games would round out a season of fixtures.
  7. You could have both, a borders team based at Galashiels and a Dumfries team which has quite a large population around it. If you created two teams at the same time you would have a rivalry develop which creates more local interest and allows for the locals to adopt the team as their own faster than if they play teams far south of them. Throw in regular games against Barrow, Workington and Whitehaven and Newcastle Thunder as nearish neighbours and we could have a developing hot bed of rugby league!
  8. The Scottish Borders could be a good place to start, they have a long history of rugby and they have not had a Main team representing the area there since the Scottish Rugby Union disbanded them in 2007. They would be close to Gateshead and the Cumbrian teams so there would be a chance to develop a rivalry and there is a pool of potential players and fans, with rugby grounds in the area. There are 17 Union teams in the region, there should be the possibility of creating one Rugby League team with 500 fans, a good start for a League 1 Club
  9. Signings for next year...

    Whats the latest rumours for signings? Who are Cas, Salford, Halifax, Hull KR after for next year?
  10. Signings for next year...

    Is there any rumours about signings for next season? Would Leigh receive a transfer fee for Brierly if he did leave?
  11. Signings for next year...

    How do Leigh fans see next season going? Will there be big changes to the squad or keep the bulk of it, if they get promoted? From how they have done this season the only need a few players added to the squad to compete in Super League next year
  12. Signings for next year...

    http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-07-22/manly-set-for-clean-out-geoff-toovey-nrl-reports/6638758 http://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/manly-sea-eagles-cull-where-the-unwanted-14-nrl-players-are-likely-to-end-up-in-2016/story-e6frf3ru-1227452512216 With Manly set to release 14 players can you see any in England? Ballin, Burgess, Mateo, Starling, Hodges and Vave all could be good signings for clubs
  13. Signings for next year...

    Yes definitely, who else would you like to see us sign? What do you think to Sammutt?
  14. If you was in charge of your team's recruitment for next year who would you sign and why? Please be realistic as we all know we would like Inglis, Thurston etc but that will not make for a good discussion. I would like Featherstone to sign Sammut and Kyle Briggs for the half backs, get Worthington back from Leigh if they get promoted and don't want him. In the fowards I would like us to sign Barlow and Tony Tonks and Phil Joseph to add some fight And Ashton Goulding on loan from Leeds would be nice as well. For fans of the top clubs who do you think you will sign as marquee players? Which players can you see been released? What young players do you think will break through?