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  1. It looks as though Leeds like to give Ashton Golden the MOTM before he even plays. Every game yawn. He was pretty average today and conceded some poor tackles especially in the first half. Will Feath bring him in before Craven? Surely not. The only player today from Leeds who could slot in is Lilley. Even if that is at Hooker. 9 seemed a weak point today.
  2. Squad vs hunslet

    Looks as though Hunslet are playing their fringe players for this one. I expect it will be a comfortable win now for you guys, but would have been less so if at full strengh. Hunslet made a good account against Featherstone last week.
  3. Poor disrespectful effort from Leeds. However Feath have to beat them yet.
  4. Bookies Odds this season - thoughts?

    Cougars 3/1 Toulouse 4/1 Hunslet Hawks 6/1 Doncaster RLFC 13/2 York City Knights 7/1 Barrow Raiders 9/1 North Wales Crusaders 16/1 Newcastle Thunder 20/1 Rochdale Hornets 20/1 Gloucestershire All Golds 40/1 Oxford RLFC 50/1 Coventry Bears 66/1 Hemel Stags 66/1 London Skolars 66/1 South Wales Scorpions 100/1 Rugby League Regular Season 2016
  5. Lazenby Cup

    Just seen the Leeds team to face Hunslet on Friday. A poor effort from Leeds part. Especially by throwing in some of last years under 16s who haven't even played for the u19s yet. If Hunslet fail to win this then it will be a long season.

    My thoughts are that, if we need to use Feartherstone reserves or Leeds academy players, then they are deemed to be better than what we have. If this is the case then we have the wrong players signed for Hunslet. Is a 18 or 19 year old from Leeds really better than what we have already? Surely not. We have half a dozen ex Leeds players who are now in their mid twenties with more bulk and more experience. My suggestion is to knock on the door when our own players are injured and we need bodies. If this calibre of DR come in before current Hunslet players then sorry, this team and club is doomed. I may as well watch Oulton Raiders.
  7. presentation night

    Can someone give us a run down of the awards and who won what. There is nothing to tell us anywhere. Also what happened to the voting for fans player of year?
  8. eaton must go

    I was sat next to John Kear when Batley visited South Leeds earlier in the season. That day Grimmer was 19th man or dropped from the team (can't remember). I asked John Kear what he thought of his chances of winning was and I remarked that Grimmer couldn't get in the team (hence the reason he left). It was absolutely clear to me from Kear, that he is a big fan of Grimmer and should he knock on the door at Batley, he would be offered a deal for sure. So he may yet be in a Batley shirt at some point. For me personally, I have yet to see the form in th last 3 to 4 years of Grimmer what everyone has raved about in the past. However, I would like to think I saw a glimpse of that on Sunday as I thought he was 1 of the 3 top performers that day. In terms of wingers, and centres for that matter. I agree none of the wingers can catch a ball and Mo has lost his confidence and skill that we saw when he was playing at Oldham. I could go on... I would bring back Akidere onto the wing - he never had a bad game and never came back really following his 5 match ban for fighting. We need 2 new centres and Aston Wilson could fill one of them if he too grabs some confidence. Hooking needs strengthening and we must have the smallest pack in Pro Rugby. I would love to see a Richard Moore or someone of similar stature in there. Sadly I think its all too late
  9. eaton must go

    So if that is the case and we go down, my only other hope after stopping up would be that Jimmy Watson leaves the club and goes somewhere else next season. He is by far the most consistent and best performer in that team and deserves to be playing at the top end of the Championship at least; not the middle of Championship 1. He again made several try saving tackles and how he prevents trys when its 3 on 1 situations I will never know. He did it again yesterday never mind a few times at Fetherstone. Get him in a decent attacking team and he will bag 20 a season.
  10. Hunslet 6, Bradford too many

    Top and bottom of it, is that it was an embarrassment. No Leader; People didn't look interest and the number of missed tackles was woeful. Bradford were chatting, "Championship you're having a laugh", on that performance I have to agree. We are missing 2 BIG props with older heads who can tackle. I would take Richard Moore back any day. Batley will put 50 past us on that performance. I was gonna go to the Leigh game but I cannot face it.
  11. M.O.M. Rovers at Hunslet

    Jimmy Watson - simple and without no doubt
  12. No Hunslet on Sky

    Found it. Red button Sky sports 5
  13. No Hunslet on Sky

    I hope I'm being a bit thick. But I don't see the Hunslet game on Sky. All the others are showing. They are showing Indian Premier League instead
  14. Hunslet 18 Dewsbury 12 - discussion, report, highlights

    Kick returns. What a joke Pryce is. He couldn't be bothered chasing one of them. I hate slating people but why on earth do you play that guy in any other position than prop? Take it back. Why on earth do you play him?
  15. Dewsbury v Hunslet

    No Kain or Grimmer. Are these dropped or injured?