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  1. Now there's a novelty!!
  2. Not as much of an away fixture as it is for some teams..
  3. Wigan sign Willie Isa

    some rumours that Sarginson injury is rather serious... But just rumours.
  4. Wigan sign Willie Isa

    Shame you can't comment on our squad as a whole, rather than making a snide comment. You will find a lot of English talent in the squad.
  5. I bloody well hope he was!!!!!!... Sim's like to think himself a bit of a boss, and thats the first guy you need to slap around.
  6. Wigan to concentrate on British talent

    So, currently, who are Wigans "Quality foreign players"?
  7. Terrible for the Warrington club that their players seem to develop narcolepcy when they tackle HKR players.. I hope they all get better soon..
  8. I stopped reading the thread after seeing this excellent post....... Till this, all i saw were posts looking to blame anything and anybody for their own clubs failings... Pathetic.
  9. No sympathy from me... Who in their right mind would go as coach under the Dr.. Harris should have served some more time at Wigan, and moved on, or up when ready.... Car crash.
  10. A totally accurate post, can't fault a word of it.
  11. Jon Wells

    Wells was very good from the off....
  12. Oh do lighten up!!! It's they that sing it, and last night they were mocking themselves.. Get over yourself! Warrington look rather poor last night, and devoid of ideas.
  13. Could somebody please help... I was assured that this was the "Year of the Wolf", or is it next year...?