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  1. no you wouldent because from your posts you obviously aint the sharpest tool in the box but if 100 of your ilk did im sure we could find a couple of good ones
  2. what absolute twaddle how the hell is 25 too old to learn new skills , what about older players who improve under a new coach what about players that improve with age naturally as they become more experienced
  3. didnt think it would be long before the doom and gloom set in
  4. Baffling we have had a great world cup a new league structure that should provide season long meaningful matches clear paths for the ambitious clubs to move forward clear path to make sure current elite clubs get their house in order new investors coming in to various clubs a new sponsor for the S/L new TV deal to give much more coverage and a lot more cash and still the usual victor meldrews on here look to find fault at least one usual suspect seems to be missing with his usual negativity fantastic news for Rugby League and hats off to the RFL for a great few months - personally i cant wait for the season to start
  5. "At the moment the part timers are going to struggle, the gap is too big" It's money that counts not format. "The set up from 2015 does not actually signal the chance for championship clubs to get promoted". As it stands the top 8 clubs can smile about the decision because they will get better fixture lists and may get bigger crowds and cement their top 8 places. The bottom SL clubs are released from financial misery and can stay afloat reducing their spending - but may have to take some hammerings in the first 23 SL rounds, the top Championship clubs currently get nothing out of the format as Mark says. dont quite follow the logic , currently part timers struggle anyway but the new cash proposals will help 4/5 teams to go full time where as at the moment the cash difference is massive how does the the new proposals "not signal the chance for clubs to get promoted" - the chance is quite obviously there , finish in the top four of the championship then finish in the top 3 of the mini league or get 4th/5th and beat a team in a one off and you are there , it may seem to suit the top 8 but not all of them voted in favour did they , agreed some of the struggling clubs may see it as a way off stepping down but bradford arent exactly rejoicing at the prospect are they and the season after why should they be taking hammerings , after all they will be on the same funding as the other clubs sorry but Messrs Sadler and Ashton are talking rubbish
  6. still a lot better than the current 90k keith ,so definitely an improvement
  7. Wood confirmed that the two teams who finish bottom of Super League this year will be relegated, ruling out any preferential treatment for outpost clubs London Broncos or Catalan Dragons. The 14 Super League clubs were thought to have voted 7-6 in favour of the new format at their meeting in St Helens last Friday, with the Catalans abstaining, but will still need to give their backing to the planned changes in central funding. In the RFL's policy review proposals, the Championship clubs were in line to receive as much as £650,000 a year, compared to around £90,000 at present, to enable them to compete on a more level playing field with the existing Super League clubs, who receive in excess of £1m. "We had an obligation to provide a structure for well-run clubs to succeed while at the same time providing a safe and sensible way for clubs to come out of the top division which doesn't lead to insolvency," Wood said. interesting points , i had feared that the 12 could be subject to invitation as opposed to bottom 2 going down , also great news about the proposed funding
  8. would assume that the top 8 will care that they dont drop down to the 2nd eight
  9. As the RFL have now given green light to one of two options , could someone clarify a few points if they know the answers Option 1 S/L and Championship both to be 12 clubs with P and R 1 How will the top 12 be decided , will it be the top 12 from S/L 2014 or will all teams have to apply for a licence giving possible hope to Toulouse,and the likes of Fev,fax,sheff and leigh and teams finishing 13th and 14th in S/L, of an automatic place 2 The following year im assuming that bottom of S/L will be relegated or will it be two spots 3 Who will replace this team (S) - will it be the regular championship winners or G Final winners - or if two teams then both 4 Will there be a minimum criteria to be met for promotion and what if its not ? would that result in no relegation that year or the next highest team getting the place and will that criteria be set out prior to the season commencing 5 Regarding Toulouse inclusion , do we assume that if they bring a substantial financial imput/media exposure ,into the game they will be given an elusive top 12 place and failure to do so will result in an offer of a championship place only 6 Repeat of question 1 in relation to the championship and plans for the lowest level (s) 7 Will there be any exemption of relegation for the likes of London,Catalans or any future "expansion" teams Option 2 S/L and Championship both to be 12 clubs with a mid season split to 3X8 1 Again same question as Question 1 in option 1 2 After the mid season split , how will the S/L 12 be decided for the following year A - top tier plus top 4 from tier 2 B - top tier plus 4 successful applicants from tier 2 with criteria again having to be met 3 Will this option end the play offs as we know them , surely what we have done is create an extended play off , and who is going to be crowned champions IE the main season winners or the split winners , or is there plans to maybe have a play off if there is two seperate winners to establish the current champions and a couple of questions for both options 1 Are there any more plans for discussion before the preferred option is announced 2 Do we know when that announcement is likely to be made
  10. since when was the south of france in britan ?
  11. are you for real ? firstly during the main season where the S/L sides will be desperate to be top eight to avoid dropping into tier 2 for the 3 x8 so there will be 50% of the top 12 in contention for this so half of each weekly games will have meaning , never mind about when there are 2 sides from the bottom 6 playing each over - turn that round and we have the same situation in the championship with 6 sides desperate to be in the 4 to be playing the bottom S/L sides then we have the second lot of the tiers where silverware will be won and all the tier 2 wanting to finish in the top 4 to join the big boys next year or even if its straight p and r then the competition will still be fierce as it is in footbal with who is going up and down
  12. the S/L and rfl want it because its clearly the way forward from something that isnt working Championship clubs like it because with extra revenue it could lead the top few into turning pro or at least a few of their top players to stop them dissapearing to other sides, also it gives them a clearly defined path of where they can be ,given investment and future on field improvement majority of fans like it because we love the sport and it will bring back meaningfull games with the added excitement of the P and R deciders instead of so many dead rubbers we now have media will follow on with their support because the game will become more exciting alas the mafia on here cant see past the end or their noses or their own personal agenda`s - wonder of the jockey club needs some new blood - im sure they would have a field day recruiting
  13. so what you are saying is that the sport no longer becomes a sellable proposition if one of the bottom few S/L teams is replaced by a top championship side - have a word with yourself the majority of the teams and the ruling body are all in favour of these changes to take the game forward or at least try to give us better than what we have got just because it doesent sit well with you and a few others doesent make it wrong,backward on less marketable
  14. none are worth having ? - unfortunately is not a tea party where you get to decide who is invited this is sport and who ever comes out on top will succeed - at least we are starting now to level out the playing field your comments smack of the kids toys coming out of the pram because you cant get your own way
  15. definetely feel that there should be tranceparancy regarding how the initial 12 teams are decided i dont think its fair that london or whoever are given impunity and it would be a scandal if toulouse were brought in at the expense of a further 3rd current S/L team losing its place if the powers that be general beleive toulouse`s inclusion and possible tv money they may bring, would be of benefit then fine but they should be starting in the future league 2