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  1. Who did what, when?

    Before the season proper starts if you have nothing better to do type "Featherstone Rovers - The Players" into Google including the quotation marks, and see how many playing feats you can remember. You will have to be 90 to remember them all.
  2. Message For Mark Las Palmas

    I have no wish to get involved in semantics, but the original entry to this was about amateurs. The Rovers were not amateurs. I found the quote about being the best paid players. It was at the 1920 annual general meeting.
  3. Message For Mark Las Palmas

    I don't think the Rovers have ever been an amateur team. They were a junior club until1921. I seem to recall reading they were the best paid juniors in the good old days.
  4. Were Cas robbed?

    A strange topic for this forum but it has general interest. Page 71 of this week's Express is all about the new system for video refs and the play the ball rule. Now when the ref goes to the video ref he has to indicate if he would have given a try or not if there wasn't a video ref, if you see what I mean. The video ref has to have a good reason to overrule the ref. I think it is a change for the worse. The match highlights are on youtube so you can decide if Cas were robbed if you can force yourself. The other moan in the Express is "blatantly incorrect play-the-balls" by Huddersfield players. The highlights show that in most cases the boot does not touch the ball and Castleford are just as guilty. This happens with most players in most games and the referees ignore it. Will this go the same way as the "own feet" problem at the scrums which was solved by letting every scrum-half throw it in own feet every time.
  5. another problem sunday

    Didn't you put a while ago you went to KSP. Maybe you did art instead of science. Anyway, its Celsius now not Centigrade and you are not supposed to say degrees. Its simple - 0 Celsius is freezing, 10 is cool, 20 is comfortable and 30 is ridiculous. Why Mr F chose 32 to 212 is beyond me.
  6. Faulty DVD's

    I actually tried both in my computer and they wouldn't play there either There's nothing wrong with my hardware. The third one I got had been recorded on a different machine and played without a hitch. I don't think I was the only one who had trouble this week. All's well that ends well as somebody once said.
  7. Faulty DVD's

    I have had to rely on the match DVD's for at least two years. In that time I have been sold two blanks (partly my fault because it is easy to tell if they are recorded on) and one that would not play and was replaced. Today I went for my weekly fix and got another unplayable one. I know the disc is at fault because I tried last week's and that was OK. So off I went for another and found that will not play either. Am I just unlucky or have others found the same this week?
  8. Supporters notice

    I was a member from 1948 until the stand burnt down and I always had to show my card at the turnstile. Why was this rule relaxed? There are always chancers around. Surely simply reverting to the show rule would have solved it. I cannot get to the games now but I am sure I wouldn't have liked the ticket office solution. I rely on the DVDs and a big thanks to the trio concerned.
  9. Eddie Davis

    In this week's obituary column in the Express is Eddie Davis who played for the Rovers in 1948 and 1949. According to my dimming memory he joined the Police in Dewsbury in the days when policemen couldn't have outside interests like playing for Featherstone Rovers so his career for us came to an end. The rule was later relaxed and I seem to remember a Leed's player being a policemen (John Alkinson?)
  10. Is it me?

    I looked on the Rovers shop web site wondering how much unsold programmes are to go with my DVDs. I didn't find any but I noticed a lot of items with a recommended retail price crossed out and exactly the same price underneath. Can anybody explain the logic of this?