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  1. Scotland name World Cup squad

    But playing Scottish born players who clearly arnt good enough at this stage will do more damage then playing heritage players and been competitive. Something needs to be done though to allow Scotland to try and start to develop there own but we need a international system that keeps brough, Henderson ect ect to stick with the scots and play in and against the best nations.
  2. Scotland name World Cup squad

    Quite a good squad of players that on paper Scotland could go alright
  3. Shaun Briscoe leaves Widnes Vikings

    Was a very good old fashioned fullback had the pleasure of watching him back in 04, 05 where he was a top support player and safe as houses but unfortunately with injuries and the way the game as changed the role of the fullback hasn't helped saun and I would say now that top end of championship is where he shud b playing.