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  1. Footage - Eagles v Rams

    Thanks for that Really enjoyed the game yesterday superb performance I think we've started to work out how to play on that pitch!
  2. Will we be playing Bingo today?

    Very good, He did well yesterday I'm sure he's an Eagles legend in the making
  3. Challenge Cup 4th Round Draw is as follows....

    They should have made the draw on Sunday after the final hooters! Holding it on Tuesday 3.45pm is certainly not the best time. Poor planning IMO
  4. Eagles Today

    Agreed, Owen looked superb at times yesterday I'm really looking forward to watching him again next week I thought all the new lads had decent games. First half was very rusty as expected we were kicking early in the tackle count which i'm not a fan of, second half we started to click a bit more fantastic for Turner to get the hat-trick Mitch also had a good game at times he was a beast out there. All in all we got the win which was the important thing Swinton for me deserved a bonus point and were unlucky not to get one in the end