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  1. dipset11


    I thought a few players were outstanding... Rowe, mitchell, Scott leatherbarrow were all outstanding. I heard Rowe is not playing next week is this true?massive loss for big players not playing think we could actually roll them today if they were playing.
  2. dipset11

    Next year? Players....

    I was wondering who u would keep and who u would let go in the current club. Also who has signed up for next year. Pack is as good as u can get its centre and half bscks we lack.need new blood there and a old head also need to sign a quality centre even if u brake the bank. Back in the subject who would u keep and who u wouldn't.
  3. dipset11

    Looks like same old, same old

    I think Rowe was outstanding saw he got injured and hope it's not long. I thought Lee mitchell and Sam Scott was also good. Backs again struggle we need something . I have heard dewsbury and another club are keen for Rowe we need to keep him and James Brown.
  4. dipset11

    Fev v Batley

    1 word joke usual players want to play and no hb look clueless. Bored of coming to see same forwards killing themselves and same players playing poor.
  5. dipset11

    new signings

    what a JOKE 3 best playera on the sidea that wasnt injured rowe brown and scott doesnt help noy winninh games these 3 are by far week in week out playing well why would u not put these in??????
  6. dipset11

    Leigh Away

    brown and no rowe?crazy as in my opinion beeen are best forwards?is he using this as a rest or giving a go to others?maybe looking at next week?either way massive loss for us and rowley must be glad.
  7. I think what I have seen are pack is near or there about best pack I think jk is still tweaking it but nearly right.do u think starting keegan brown and rowe because u take them all off u lose a lot of strike.I thought rowe was fantastic along with brown at London caused them so much trouble.
  8. dipset11

    Doncaster 14 Batley 16

    thought pack got us out of jail today backs were quite poor forward run riot hope we sign a centre...
  9. Think nico had a great game and wingers too props and loose were great aswell as most pack chandler mitchell.what do we need to change it up?do we need a strike centre?quality hb?
  10. dipset11


    I think forwards were TERRIFIC I thought when brown rowe and Hirst came of for spell we dropped massive from the bench.I think lillycrop would of offered a bit more of bench and maybe brad day?
  11. dipset11

    Sheffield v Batley

    complete agree I think these 2 are dragging the forwards and jc is in the backs need something more then a handful of players every week.
  12. dipset11

    Best of the bunch

    Why is the same names every week we need the hb to be in the top 3 and when this happens we will win easily.the forwards don't seem to be a problem....
  13. dipset11

    Scott Leatherbarrow - enough is enough!

    I totally agree he has no attack flair with Moore he had a great change of pace and a good kick at posts in the locker too where Scott has neither he misses a lot at post and seems to panic a lot.
  14. dipset11

    Best of the bunch

    I thought brown and rowe were fantastic also Grayston and jc was busy for me toofor me 1.rowe 2.Grayston 3.brown Seem like same names every week just lacking attack
  15. dipset11

    Batley 2 Halifax 6

    How did forewards go?