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  1. Georgia and Giovanni look as in love as I am with Helen #scd2015 #strictly No way was Andre dancing a jive - overmarked and must go.

  2. Lots at the BBC imply Burgess is taking a step down - thank goodness for the balance of Chappers.

  3. Really enjoyable game of test rugby league. Feared the worst the way NZ begun but full credit to the way England came back into it and got stronger as the game went on. The forwards were superb in grinding down the All Blacks. More to come from both sides I feel. Hopefully it will be a cracker at the Olympic Stadium next week.
  4. RT @LauraSianDixon: Kirsty should have gone, Daniel was actually better than her @bbcstrictly #Strictly

  5. Have to discount @PeterMcVitie's detailed analysis of #oranje's failings and defer to Birtles' buzzwords from the mid-late 90s.

  6. RT @Pix_Len: Dernier article en date ! Focus CL féminine et @Standard_RSCL.

  7. Disappointing to lose the series in Zimbabwe but at least we won the last game against a team with less talent but 50x more funding.

  8. That's kind of Pakistan to allow Inzi jnr to sub field for England. #PAKvENG

  9. As I refuse to vote for any sectarian parties, it will be a vote for the Conservative Party. We have a bigger state than some old communist countries and I can tell you, it has not delivered for our people. Time to keep moving forward to a more normal society and away from a past so many of our politicians want to drag us back into or at least, arrest any progress.
  10. This is the highest standard of domestic rugby Sam Burgess will play for quite a while. Hope he does well for Bath though. #NRLGF

  11. Quid des droits de télévision? BeIN tiendra les droits pour la nouvelle Super League restructurée?
  12. Although dead against the new system (though not a league of 12), I would hope that rugby league fans on the mainland do not use it as a stick to beat the sport with and a ready-made excuse to boycott games. I would love a team in Belfast and/or the money to go to live games. We miss that culture here and neither union nor ice hockey grab my interest. Vive le treize!
  13. RT @BeNeFoot: *NEW* Eredivisie Week 10 Preview: Five Things We Expect/ Hope To See - #eredivisie

  14. Given how much is made of the importance of the salary cap in rugby league, it seems strange to me that we'll have a competition where half of the teams are on one salary cap and half are on a much lower cap unless there's some mid-season transfer window where the top four from the Championship are allowed to bolster their squads. The best restructuring we could do would be to get John Quayle in charge. There is a man who knows what he's doing. Not a hope in hell of it happening of course with his history.