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  1. how do you record bbc red button on sky???
  2. Wakefield Stadium

    so where did the loaned money go???????
  3. Pish poor on all counts today

    jimmy lowes as coach????????? pass me the rat poison!!!!!!
  4. excelant observation by" stevo" when delanys head bounced of the pith!!!"could be a twisted knee?" in which case he sould have had his hed encased in ice like lawrences knee!!!! sky rl team spot on agin?
  5. Kevin Sinfield to leave Rhinos at end of 2015

    union has never done league any favours leeds rl fans/supporters and all yorkshire rl fans/supporters shoud shun leeds ru or whatever they decide to call themselves this season no matter what sponsorship thet attract etc etc it will come down to crowd attendance they couldnt get many there last time they were in top flight hence relegation hundred years as 2nd class citizens or worse iv no hard feeling!!!!!