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  1. The Future of Hunslet Hawks

    I guess like me a lot of former posters are just fed up with the constant negatives on here. I was not totally anti-dual reg but now its gone I will still continue to pay my money through the turn-styles because I am a Hunslet supporter. Some of us accept that 4 - 500 fans does not get you a super league team and unless we increase the attendances that's the way it will be. All those who fell out with the club over the last few seasons should maybe come back now or forget about Hunslet?
  2. eaton must go

    Our dilemma is what do we do about the Leeds connection. Even with DR we are struggling in this division so do we ditch Eaton and the Rhinos and then stay in Division 1? With our crowds that's probably where we belong but no Hunslet fan wants to play season after season in that division. Whatever we think Leeds obviously rate Eaton and we are stuck with him as long as we are 'in bed' with the Rhinos. I think that we need DR to even compete at the bottom end of the Championship even though I wish it wasn't the case. Regarding the rest of the season I think that people are being a bit negative as I don't think the teams around us are that great. You would think we were in the same position as Doncaster and although we are in a 'hole' there is along way to go. According to some fans we may as well pack it in now and be happy to finish above Doncaster. I don't know what happened with Eaton's wife but presumably she was upset about comments made by fans? I am sure that we would all want our partners to defend us in similar circumstances and as Pudsey rightly says 'not classy'.
  3. RIP Margaret

    Although I didn't know Margaret well, as a Hunslet fan of over 35 years I saw her fantastic contribution to the club over many years. Without the dedication of people like Margaret clubs like ours would be helpless and her commitment to the club should be duly honoured. Her love for Hunslet was shown, game by game, year after year by her selfless actions. Her winning of the fan of the year in 2014 was well and truly earned and was the 'icing on the cake' of last season. I would like to give my condolences to Margaret's family and hope that the love and respect shown by Hunslet fans will provide some small comfort to them at this sad time.