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  1. If it was who has had the biggest impact from RL on the BBC then yeah, S Johnson. The BBC should NOT be allowed to televise live sport.
  2. Opinions? If you can't see that Thurston is a better footballer than Johnson then you shouldn't be posting on here. This is a frikin disgrace.
  3. This is a frickin disgrace! No way should Johnson have won this. This is the World Player of the Year, in other words the best player on the planet. Now only a few can therefore win it for 2014, these being Thurston, C Smith, SB Williams, S Burgess, G Burgess, J Graham, D Evans, J Lyon, J Hayne, G Inglis. Think that's about it, can't think of anyone else. There aren't enough "internationals" for it to be mainly about "internationals", this award has unfortunately become a joke.
  4. Moneyball is my favourite film; there are only 29 full-time MLB teams in the US, with all the players that want to play in it and the money they receive. How can we justify 14 full-time teams in SL? We don't have enough very good players. The Championship should be made more high profile and winning it should be quite an achievement. Yes I would prefer 12 teams in SL but the reality of the situation seems to be that 10 is the right number. Less quantity more quality. Add an early season cup competition. The 10 teams could be Wigan, Leeds, Warrington, Hull FC, Catalan Dragons, Hull KR, Bradford, Saints, Salford, Huddersfield