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  1. RT @Discworld_com: Bring home something sweet from the Assassins' Guild this Hogswatch with Lord Downey's Esteemed Humbugs!…

  2. Second half was 47 minutes long. There were some injuries (a head clash, Mike Morrison had 2 spells and there was a possible concussion to a Workington player) but I didn't think they alone added up to 7 minutes.
  3. Reported to Google.Only seems to happen on Chrome.
  4. Unfortunately that land is designated for housing with a planning application in at Salford Council.
  5. You also need to add in the super 8's. That makes 30 games in total. Whitehaven survived on 20 points and Hunslet went down on 16 points. See the attached screenshot
  6. No problem here. Are you using the newer address
  7. On Facebook, the Swinton Lions Family endeavours to provide as much information to the fans as possible. Although it is not an official club site, club officials, players and ex-players subscribe to it as well as fans. It has, at present, 552 members and is open to the public (if you are a member of Facebook, that is). On match days, I try and update scores as best as possible, whether from home or at the game. I use any source of information I can to update the scores when I am at home. (even the opposition Twitter feeds and blogs). If you want to subscribe follow the link. The Swinton Lions Family is meant to complement the club's activities and is not meant to be a replacement of those activities. I urge people to follow the clubs Twitter feeds and Web Site as well. Yes, there will be some duplication of information, but if it goes out to more people then that is to the club's advantage. Everyone is welcome.
  8. The playing area is big enough but when terracing, stands and ancilliaries are added, it would probably be too small.
  9. Just a thought. As our home game against Oxford has been postponed because of the Cup match against Batley, would it help if the reverse fixture was played then and the away fixture rearranged on a ground with reasonable floodlighting if an evening kick-off is required?
  10. There are 4 matches there on that day. Ours, followed by Workington v Whitehaven, London Broncos v Sheffield Eagles and Bradford v Halifax. I suppose it is to segregate the fans for all the matches.
  11. London Broncos.