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  1. 2 large mens swinton lions jackets

    Thanks for the Enquiries both coats are going to forever loving swinton homes , good look lions for the season, phil
  2. 2 large mens swinton lions jackets

    Hi Riggy thanks we sure will,he's well thanks, not in the game now but happy on his new pathway, all the best to the lions for 2015, fond memories, phil
  3. 2 large mens swinton lions jackets

    Just a quick update, only the one jacket left large, please message me with your contact details please if interested , thanks phil
  4. 2 large mens swinton lions jackets

    I have 2 swinton lions 2014 coats large players jackets, they are free to a genuine supporter that does go the games please, like new condition, need to be picked up in Warrington. Anybody interested please personal message me your contact details,I know it's not an advertising forum so sorry if it offends, just want a genuine supporter to wear them for the games, many thanks phil


    This is not surprising as with the G o Brian signing to Bradford u turn very unprofessional club
  7. Joe Grima

    Former Swinton and widnes hard man joe Grima is back in the UK in the next few days , it's for a 25th year world club challenge winners reunion in widnes,he sends his best wishes to the club he loved, also flying over from the goldcoast is his former pack mate Kurt sorensen, I'm on holiday so will miss this event nice guy joe
  8. Well Played Eagles!

    Think the bigger pitches will show our true form,can't play expansive rugby on a postage stamp haha, well done Eagles big game next week
  9. Castleford game

    Hope we give it our best shot on Sunday,control the ball like Paul Cooke did on Sunday to us,and sound defence who knows! ,Castleford a team in form and could possibly go all the way if they win on Sunday, good luck guys
  10. today's game

    Good luck today Lions, go for it and get the result