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  1. Our new position in the EU

    So the lack of evidence is your proof? On that note I think a large proportion of brexit voters are bigoted, I don't have any evidence for this but assume you'd happily accept this as fact as well, after all you appear to have had quite enough of evidence.
  2. The allegation is a false flag so republicans can engage in more voter suppression.
  3. Could it not make up the shortfall in games with concerts etc?
  4. Would the game benefit from one - Yes Can it afford one and come up with a viable business plan - Probably not
  5. Nothing will ever top the Scotsdale Community College Fighting Artichokes
  6. Brexit - the negative thread

    Campaigners and yourself also clearly communicated that a free trade agreement would be as simple as asking for one because "Germany will still want to sell us BMWs", how's that working out?
  7. Toronto and North America

    Your entire argument seems to be I don't enjoy these sports so therefore there is no way anyone else can (and those that do seem too can only like them for nefarious reasons). Ultimately that you find a sport boring isn't really proof of anything past the fact that you find it boring. When talking about expansion we as rugby league fans put far to much stock in the fact that rugby league fans think it's a great product and would appeal to anyone. Funnily enough Soccer, Cricket, Rugby Union, American Football, Kabaddi fans etc. all think the same about there sports
  8. Is the plan for this to run in the current October-November window?
  9. sports broadcasting rights

    Just seen that Amazon Prime have been in discussion with the big four American sports about their broadcast rights so potentially may look at the UK sport's market at some point. Still not sure if this is a positive for Rugby League I can't help but feel for a sport still looking to grow a distribution model that means people actively have to seek it out rather than potentially stumbling upon it is a hindrance.
  10. sports broadcasting rights

    I think it's England's Tests and ODI's they're referring to not necessarily the county stuff
  11. sports broadcasting rights

    True but it's not purely about viewing figures for sky it's also about how many subscriptions they drive and there's not necessarily a direct correlation between number of viewers and the subscriptions driven by a sport. I suspect they also pay attention to the demographic each sport brings in. As you say I don't think rugby league has anything to worry about it'll just be difficult to get more money out of them and more money is the one thing rugby league really needs.
  12. sports broadcasting rights

    Not to be the pessimist, but I suspect football can't become to expensive and that if they have to they'll drop other sports (probably not rugby league) in order to afford it. I suspect the likely effect on rugby league will be that the ability to get an increase on the current rights will be limited, at least from sky anyway.
  13. It's not the lack of formal education it's the "we've had enough of experts" attitude that gets patronised. The leave campaign was openly hostile to the idea that people with qualifications and experience in the areas Brexit would impact had something of value to say on the issues and were patronised for this not because they were uneducated but because they were anti intellectual. The degree point is just a lazy way of reenforcing this.
  14. When he appoints the new supreme Court justice who helps overturn Roe vs Wade and repeals Obamacare I suspect they'll wish the had, instead of voting for a candidate who would preserve the gains progressives have made they've allowed in one who will actively dismantle them. It's just so self defeating.
  15. I suspect that's the way it will go if all they can get after negotiatons is hard brexit, even the brexit ideolougues in the tory party will look at the demagraphics of the refurendum vote and realise forcing through a hard brexit will pretty much end the tory party as a an election winning force by 2025.