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  1. Long lost amateur clubs

    Rooster, Some history of the Tigers. The Tigers were formed in 1987 and played their first game against Peterborough on 21 February 1988 which was won 34-28. The referee that day was Ray Tennant who was using one of his days off from refereeing the pros to help a new amateur club. The club applied to the London League and played the 88/89 season in Division 2, winning 2 games all season and finishing bottom but the increasing interest and standards meant that in the 89/90 season we won the second division and promotion to the first. This season (90/91) was much more difficult and the 'esteemed sponsor' (he was not the club sponsor but a club official) you referred to decided that all the spirit and comradeship built up over the previous two and a half years were not enough and he set about removing all the founder and pioneers which eventually ended up in him forming a new club. I left before this and did not play in the game against Walnut Warriors you refer to, as it was made clear that I was not welcome (despite being one of the aforesaid founders). Some of the remaining Tigers tried to continue the old club (which had a tremendous team spirit and was great fun to play for- even when we were being beaten) but the damage was too great and the heartbeat of the club disappeared with those who had formed the original side. I saw a previous post referring to Ravensthorpe in Leicestershire for whom I turned out in one game when they were short (I also turned out for Peterborough when they were short and before the Tigers got going). This contact lead to a county match being played in (I think) 1988 at Peterborough RU club between Cambridgeshire and Leicestershire. I cannot remember the score but still have the memento and the programme from the game which was produced by another great pioneer, Maurice Rigby, a Wiganer who had settled in the Peterborough. We got no funding or assistance of any sort from the RL to do all this and in the end the financial and time pressures told and these clubs slid away. Hope this fills in a few gaps.