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  1. Four Nations 2016

    If it was our forwards against Australia's forwards we would win, however our backs come nowhere Aussie backs. Their strength in depth is astounding.
  2. 4 Mar: SL: Hull FC v Wigan Warriors KO 8pm

    Just over 10k. When Pryce went off when he was clearly limping, you could tell as Hull found it difficult to get around the pitch.
  3. 4 Mar: SL: Hull FC v Wigan Warriors KO 8pm

    Watts' offload cost Hull. Should have stuck to the basics. Doing that so close to their own try line was suicidal and something you teach kids not to do.
  4. The BBC do a report online for the price of football. I've not seen anything online for rugby league, however I think it'd make a good read to find out how much it costs to support each club from Super League down to League One level including; - cheapest and most expensive season ticket for adults and children - cheapest and most expensive individual game ticket (including away game ticket) for adults and children - cost of food and drink (pie, hot drink and pint) - cost of home shirt It'll also be interesting to see what the price comparison is like between Super League and NRL.
  5. Cost of a family ticket to NRL

    It would be interesting if the Super League and NRL could break down how much it costs to support each club including the price of the cheapest and most expensive season ticket and single ticket, price of away tickets and price of food. The BBC do something similar for football and it makes an interesting read.
  6. Cost of a family ticket to NRL

    That's £220. Cheaper than most Super League clubs ST prices. Does that include inner city travel too? If so, a bargain.
  7. I don't know if this went under the radar, but it does our sport no justice. A mate yesterday who doesn't even follow league informed me of it. It's like non-league sports fans only seem to hear about the wrongdoings in our beloved sport. Gavin Duffy once of Keighley banned. Looks like the club didn't renew his contract as they believed the worse would happen. Looks like he's continuing to play RL down under. I don't condone him taking any illegal substances, but hopefully playing in Australia will keep his demons at bay. Link here -
  8. 4 Mar: SL: Hull FC v Wigan Warriors KO 8pm

    That was a terrific second half. I found it hard work being sat with the enemy in the home end. Another tough win against a Hull team i thought played really well in the second.
  9. Cost of a family ticket to NRL

    On sports ticket prices alone it's ridiculous. Premier League and even lower league football charge over the odds. Bundesliga and Serie A you can get hold of a ticket for 10/15 notes and it's the same with cricket too. Still, we're daft enough to pay the extortionate prices. Luckily we do alright as RL fans, even though you can get a NRL ticket for cheaper. I'm sure the vast number of sponsors and TV deal allows them to sell cheaper tickets for all games apart from the GF and SOO.
  10. Cost of a family ticket to NRL

    I don't mind what we pay here to watch rugby. Around the 20/22 quid mark is what I believe to be acceptable. It's just all the additional extras which are extortionate like food and drink and a big bug bear of mine, how expensive it is for car parks around stadiums. Despite me thinking 20/22 is a good price for a ticket, I do feel us Brits are ripped off, especially when you look at the cost of tickets elsewhere in the most elite leagues, regardless of sport.
  11. 4 Mar: SL: Hull FC v Wigan Warriors KO 8pm

    This is too tough to call. I'll go there without any idea of how it's going to go but my gut feeling says it'll be a Hull win.
  12. Widnes top of super league , Leeds bottom

    It's strikes me why the pundits have said Widnes will do terribly this year. They've lost Willie Isa whom is a big loss, however other than that they've added a few solid additions so if anything they've strengthened overall. I look forward to seeing how things finish up this year.
  13. Salary Cap Showdown

    I say just get rid of it. I won't go into why, but let clubs spend what they want.
  14. Leeds- a shadow of their former selves

    What salary cap?!
  15. I hope he plays in a similar way he did at NZ Warriors too. As much as I loved a Tomkins try-fest, he looked more creative and was a bigger team player down under. I can't wait to see him back.