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  1. From their Facebook page it looks like they've installed the new swipe card system for the turnstiles
  2. Confirmed on Leigh's website
  3. Tom I've been working on a similar project for Hunslet matches. I think the statisticians referred to in the above post is the Rugby League Record Keepers Club run by Irving Saxton. They produced teams & scorers sheets for every club from 1895 to 1994. I have the Hunslet sheets & they're pretty comprehensive with just a few teams missing from the eary years. They were until recently available on disc through the Rugby League collectors Federation run by Richard Bailey, although a recent request for a couple of missing sheets wasn't replied to. If it'd help at all I could extract the matches involving Hunslet & Dewsbury - it'd at least give you results & dates. Please reply if you're interested.
  4. Voted Championship 1 Player Of The Week - well done.
  5. Well done to Jimmy Watson being named Champ 1 Player of the week. Also in the team are Akaidere, Grimmer & Mackay. We'll done to all & recognition for a great team performance on Sunday.