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  1. Who are your favourite teams

    Hull KR Any Midlands side, which at the moment means Cov. Hopefully others will develop and move up in time. Developing nations like Serbia and Lebanon. Parramatta.
  2. Scoring system

    Our system is perfect for scoring. Leave it alone thanks.
  3. Time to sort out scrums

    I'm not trying to get into cross-code trouble here but I think it's relevant. I went to Northampton v Gloucester last night with a friend who supports the home side. The scrums often had to be re-set and almost always ended in a penalty. It was a dire aspect for me. If our scrums headed back in this direction it would be an awful move. I'm telling you things you all already knew I guess, but I thought i'd throw it in. He's coming to a Hull KR game next season.
  4. Time to sort out scrums

    I'd keep things as they are. We have a varied piece of play that doesn't waste too much time. St Helens seemed to push more than most last year and it did cause the opposition a few problems. When defending a lead it's an option to use to eat up a few seconds. That's a tactical choice and gives variety. We love the pace of our game and it's relative simplicity but we do need variety. As has been said, teams that have the feed should be able to take advantage of all that extra space.
  5. The one poor thing from today was the three times they showed England players close up or used poor camera angles during The Haka. It's nice to get a different perspective, but please let's have it as a replay. Good apart from that. They just need to promote the games better and list it higher in bulletins.
  6. All Black Shirts

    I personally didn't see any All Blacks items worn yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of Kiwi shirts/jackets etc. I did see a sprinkling of England and club RU items. Good on them if they're supporting our code aswell, plenty of decent RU fans about and they should be welcomed. The RFL wanted the general interest in Rugby to help top up the crowd at this game and maybe they got it.
  7. The comparison i'd point to is the RUWC Eng - Wal game. Only twice all game did the ball go near the line, both times for a try. Yesterday we have only 1 try but 3 chalked off and endless scrambles and repeat sets. Our game is end to end even if it's low scoring, Union often is largely a midfield pile-up.
  8. There was plenty of action despite the low score. Three efforts were ruled out by the video ref, a penalty miss from 20 metres that if scored would have put us two scores down, we had endless goal-line scrambles and drop-outs forced. Unlike the Eng v Wales union game which had little goal-line action, today had plenty. We would all have loved more fluid attacking and breaks but it was a decent spectacle. I was sat with Southerners either side and infront, mostly casual fans or seeing their first game, none seemed overly disappointed.
  9. I'm a relative newcomer (first match 2013) but from what I know the international game is only just getting the attention and regular scheduling it needs. World Cup are every 4 years (next is 2017). 4 Nations is every 2 years (Eng, Aus, NZ plus one other) and next year it's in England or Eng/Scot. Test series will fit into the gap years I think. At the moment Scotland, France, Wales and Ireland are contesting the European Championship. Winning that in 2014 got Scotland there 4 nations slot for next year. Others will know far more than me i'm sure.
  10. It's Trafalgar Day actually! That turned out very badly for the French aswell.
  11. I'd use City over OT due to those tiny in-goals areas and it's up to 54k now. Hearts pitch is very small; they used Murrayfield because of that in Europe before. Hibs is a similar sized stadium so if the pitch is larger that may be better. Overall seems good, if a little ambitious.
  12. Skill level

    You'll never change some people's views and it's good that we all see different things in sport. What this competition will do for certain is gain some converts and gain respect. It's a move in the right direction, the only problem will come in two years when they have the whole media fawning over passes and moves that are the norm after the 3rd takle in league. We should rejoice in the present though and enjoy what being served up, it's fantastic.