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  1. Ferres to Roosters

    You obviously dont follow the NRL closely. Firstly the myth Roosters dont get crowds is just that a myth, last 3 years they have averaged 20k,14k and 15k which is a average many other NRL clubs could only dream of yet because they play in a 45k seat stadium they are ridiculed for their crowds instead of clubs like parra and st george that can get 11k in a 20k stadium and it looks crowded. The other myth is the constant whinging over their salary cap. That club has lost Mini,SBW,Maloney and RTS over two years yet have not replaced one of them. Then you hear fans from other clubs blow up about maybe signing Ferres on a discounted year loan..makes people sound stupid. On that subject though I think its the Roosters who would look stupid signing a player after what Ferres has done.
  2. Just some help on what are the best pubs before games at old trafford? going from piciddily square. Thanks