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    Football,Cricket,Rugby league,Ice-hockey. Add to that wife,kids and work that leaves nothing.
  1. Total RL SuperBru?

    Yes I'm in too,
  2. Bradford Bulls / HMRC / Administration

    I assume any Bradford newco will be minus the Bulls monicker??? As that is what has been liquidated???, And in my opinion it should like Leeds united they overspent to reach there goals and paid the heavy price. So here's to a new Bradford(insert nickname here) being run correctly and within there means ASAP.
  3. The fact that a subscriber in Australia has got the latest copy delivered and mine hasn't arrived is worrying. Lol
  4. Anyone else not yet received latest issue? Can I put this down to Royal Mail being a little slow because of the festive period..... Or should I be worried????
  5. New Club for SL in 10 years

    This is the best post EVER IMO, the comedy is sadly based in truth. Noon types seem hell-bent on taking the best of league and showing it up as mediocre in Ra Ra. Shocked admin hasn't moved on or locked it down yet.
  6. Anfield - Never again please

    RFL have to ask how many of the chosen venues worked, fair play for trying new venues. London Stadium 2 failures, I'd give them one last chance with a magic weekend before jettisoning them. Anfield would have worked better for a England match I think. Final should have been at a traditional RL ground I believe.
  7. Hard to say that it's not a Northern game as the government has just given them 25 million to host 2021 World cup under the Northern Powerhouse plan!!!.
  8. Final Tickets Not Received?!

    Ours Arrived on Saturday. Only brought them four months ago. Anyone who has booked in advance and will now have to queue up in a special corner to collect there tickets on Sunday should be given a percentage of there ticket price back as compo I say.... Doubt they'd do it again after that.
  9. This would mean either more midweek games, or less teams for less games. Don't see Super league CEOs being interested in getting this one over. A case of we know it's broke but we dont wanna fix it.
  10. To go from half a million in 2013 to then aim for 1million + in 2021 is numbers that Donald Trump would even say is unrealistic. 750000 would surely be a top line estimate. Maybe having the lowest ranked teams from groups playing in double header at a solid rl ground like Wigan would help instead of say having Wales V USA at Bristol in front of 9k.
  11. Please no more double headers

    Don't mind double headers, but whoever decided those kick off times should be fired. It's November. The sight of two ladies at the Aus V NZ game with a blanket over them made me cringe. Kick offs should have been 2 pm and 5pm.
  12. Wayne Bennett 'A disgrace'

    Personally I think it's obvious Wayne Bennett doesn't want to be here, no one wants to watch such a low key performance in what is a new territory for RL. If I was at RFL I'd terminate Wayne as soon as our Tourney ends. Give Paul Anderson the job I'd say IMO
  13. Four Nations tickets / kick offs (Merged threads)

    I've had tickets not turn up before due to the ticket printer being broken at time of my order being processed. If not with you 2 weeks before call them.
  14. Premier Sports NRL Playoff £1 offer

    Damn you Southerner, saw this offer and had to do it. Hope that pound spent for a month doesn't bankrupt me and send the family into the workhouse. It's on your head. Lol
  15. New sky sports channel

    Sky are doing this twofold, 1 to so non sports subscribers what there missing, 2 sports like cricket have seen interest in there game dwindle and now believe that a portion of there games should be available free to air to hopefully inspire new fans and players. I would suggest RL is in this category too.