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  1. I've posted elsewhere on how many times i've agreed to disagree with the officials live and then eaten humble pie later. Time for positives- pre match was the best i've seen. Atmosphere was syoopurb. Wire season was brilliant, LLS and both major finals................ but there's still a large gaping hole in the trophy cabinet at Mike Gregory Way. At least the marketing budget can reuse the 'It's always our year' promotional flags in 2017
  2. OK! anger subsiding now, as I thought 'we wuz robbed'. If as appears that's not the case then congratulations to Wigan. I don't know how you do it- if I did then i'd give Tony Smith the secret. I'm now starting to know how Saints fans felt from 2007 to 2011
  3. Just got back. Seething on losing again at the GF. Couldn't see the screen well can anyone who saw it in HD and Slo-mo on Sky enlighten me as to whether Atkins 'on field given try' was a genuine clear cut 100% evidence that Hick's had made a howling bad mistake. There doesn't appear to be any debate on here about it so was it the right call?
  4. Two people have more influence than the players- Mother Nature (looks like she's been kind) and Robert Hicks- I don't want him to be kind just accurate and correct in his calls. Just watched the 'This is our time' video- Goosebumps and butterflies. Roll on 3pm so I can get underway to OT.
  5. I don't remember when Wigan were ever the outsiders in a big game. Just hope that Wire can keep up their game management from the last two matches. Hope there are no injuries on either side and that the game flows..........with a Wire win
  6. "Saints blew it by blowing their chances with daft kicks around 60-70 mins..." Did you see Ashton Sims kick? I thought I would have seen Corbyn come out in support of Trump before that.
  7. I have a foolproof method of not getting wound up by Sky, Stevo et al . Go and watch it live. For me Thaler was missing a load of offsides and very slow PTBs that Hicks would have pounced on like a rabid dog. Can't comment on the 74 freeze frame fest that is Sky's autopsy of every decision but know that I bl***y well enjoyed that. 2011 LLS , beat Saints at home 2016 ditto
  8. No the Champions should be the ones top after the full regular season I have to accept that the GF is the determining match but remember Leeds' glorious 5th place wins. The only support I have for the current format is that it can't happen now.
  9. I think that both of these teams should be in Super League- completely neutral watching this one. The loser will get a second bite of the cherry but have to agree that nothing should be left on the pitch with this one.
  10. Really pleased for the younger lads showing up. Patton should be mentioned alongside Currie as an up and coming star (Good luck with the ACL recovery Ben) To play as well as they did with the names who were injured was superb. Mention to Tony Smith who had obviously been working on the game management aspects. Very gracious comments from the Hull fans and I really hope that it's a Wire-Hull GF (no disrepect to Wigan but 2016 for me is the Primrose & Blue against the Black & White) ..........and to reply to the Saints fans. Yes we can win at the HJ. No bottling, no choking, no hoodoos. I just hope for a cracking semi final with skill and flair on show in an injury free game.
  11. Total respect for the man and his achievements speak for themselves. His most difficult task now is getting the players heads in a better game management place. Do that and he won't need to be a good loser anymore!
  12. Silver lining in last night's cloud is that Wire won't rest players next Friday. Many have pointed out how momentum is key. A meaningless match next Friday would have meant a loss of momentum maybe for both Hull and Wire. Fed up of banging on about the home record against Saints- Wire need to play every game as if its their last. Wigan or Saints are both beatable.
  13. When I looked at the team sheets yesterday and saw Hicks and Thaler- I thought this will be a difficult night! Was at the match and the angle of the big screen from the south stand means that I can't say one way or the other on some of the decisions but I do feel deflated. Wire need a Hull dressing room moment. Tony Smith is fantastic but his magnanimity might be biting the players. It was the on-field players who failed to close out the game. They need to give themselves a rocket for that- only when they can adopt a siege mentality will they have the fire and fortitude to capitalise on their free scoring starts. I said to my mate in the stands with 30 mins to go how much I hate Wigan's ability to always get back into a game and the clock in the West stand ran at half speed. Really gutted for last night. More so than should be justified as it wasn't a knock out or the GF and there's still a chance for the LLS at Hull (which on paper should be harder than last night's home fixture) but whilst the Wire players are physically tough they need to get nasty mentally. I don't mean nasty as in dirty but as in gritty and determined. Wigan Saints and Leeds have shown it year after year and that's no coincidence as to why they pick up GFs.
  14. I was surprised that they didn't come up last season. They've learned their lessons well and grabbed the chance with both hands.Well done Leigh any one that underestimates you next season will fall flat on their faces. I welcome new blood to the SL. Great effort well deserved
  15. Catalan Sleep 40mins play 40mins Wire Play 40 ins sleep 30mins play 10mins snatch game in dying minutes (when Houghton isn't involved) Turned out a good game in the end but my nerves are always on edge with Wire's game management