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  1. Danny Hulme!

    Danny never got offered a contract and played at NW crusaders for a bit before moving to France with work he's been playing over their for the 2nd year now and still lives over their and spoke to him this morning it was only 4 try's not 8
  2. ferres and O'Loughlin to widnes

    Spoken to a close friend at the club and he said hes heard from other staff their is a big signing being released early this week and another big name in contract talks so could be true
  3. ferres and O'Loughlin to widnes

    Not the case a statement from the club said they where signing him even if galea stayed their is always ways people get around it
  4. ferres and O'Loughlin to widnes

    Would be brilliant if widnes was in liverpool.
  5. ferres and O'Loughlin to widnes

    We had signed Houston before the news broke about danny G retiring so we are a 2nd row down and ferres is a no brainier quality player just dont have your mrs by him
  6. ferres and O'Loughlin to widnes

    That was my thought he would stay put but a few wigan fans i work with one being his relation has told me and to be honest they have never been wrong before e.g hock isa mellor etc
  7. ferres and O'Loughlin to widnes

    Agreed best days behind him but still has a presence and can only be good for the kids coming through the academy
  8. ferres and O'Loughlin to widnes

    Ive been told by a few wigan lads i work with that Lockers is 100% and to be honest they have never been wrong before.... would love ferres as well his deal has ment to fell through with sydney and why not loan him to widnes for a year better than loaning him to wigan st helens etc
  9. Heard from a few sources that bret ferres singing on a year loan deal and also O'Loughlin coming on a 2 year deal any thoughts?
  10. Swinging arm tackles

    tony smith said himself that he wouldnt want to be patrick ah van watching that game after some of the tackles on penny and o'brien and their not being a sin binning atleast
  11. Saints by 18 Salford to have 2 players in the bin
  12. 13 Feb: Leeds Rhinos v Widnes Vikings KO 8pm

    I hope for a widnes win but can see Leeds by 4 Danny McGuire last minute try
  13. 1 match ban?

    I know seen it on the super league highlights worse tackle of the round and nothing happened?
  14. 1 match ban?

    just seen on sky news that matty smith only got a 1 match ban for kicking? surely should of been atleast 2 matches and also joel tompkins gets a warning after him acting like a lollipop head be funny to see what other teams will get in the season for the same or lesser offences