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  1. Autumn statement and RL

    I'm sure the games would be spread round the country and as someone who lives in the Midlands, one of the best sporting events I've attended was Cook Islands v USA at Bristol. Managed to get a ticket on the terrace behind the posts for a tenner and was delighted to find the place absolutely heaving after flying down the M5. Dragged one of my mates along to that who had never been to a live game of RL before and he loved it. He ended up taking more of an interest, came to the first Kiwi test at Hull this year and and came along to watch Coventry Bears three times last season and will try to do a few more next season. The game's strength is in the north and it's right that a significant number of the bigger games stay there but if you spread the tournament properly and back it and promote it like Bristol did then there is an appetite for entertaining, competitive sport right round the country. The fact that the game was in the balance for 70mins helped too. I'm not sure that watching the Aussies or the Kiwis give a lesser team a fifty or sixty point hammering (even though the skill levels would be higher) would have the same captivating effect so putting some thought into scheduling is crucial too.
  2. Me plus two travelling up on Sunday. First England international. Did Cook Islands v USA at Bristol and been to a couple of Wales internationals but can't wait for Sunday.
  3. Apologies if this is mentioned in another thread but thought this deserved a mention today. An entertaining game played in the right spirit and for a great cause that made the trip up from Staffs seem very worthwhile. Hope Matty Barron comes back asap from what looked a nasty one early on too.
  4. My second trip to watch Coventry today and while I accept the tougher tests are still to come at home, the way Oxford and Hemel have been dispatched (in totally different weather conditions) certainly gives me reason to think the doom mongers in RLW who tipped a 14th placed finish could be proved wrong. Some cracking, running rugby second half today and as said above, attendance was 452. Obviously down on Good Friday's 721 for the opener but still not bad given some of the gates that get recorded in League 1.
  5. Went to Coventry v Oxford today as it's only about 45mins away. Well done to the Bears. Raced into a 20-0 lead and ran out deserved 32-10 winners although there was a period of play at 20-10 where I thought had Oxford scored next, it could have killed the fairytale debut but a good day all in all and believe the attendance was given as 721 which isn't to be sniffed at.