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  1. cas ground

    2nd rate aussies to try and stay in SL? oh yeah we JUST managed to stay in SL last year. bitter fev fans
  2. Playing Season Poll

    September to May, break in Dec/Jan. Games tend to be getting called off around the dec/jan months anyway so a break shouldnt hurt too much. And Winter rugby is better because what else is there to do on winter weekends? vs things you can do in summer weekends
  3. Pennine League strcuture

    Wouldnt necessarily go ahead and blame Fryston for other teams struggling, in reality all they have done is got the players back that have always played for them and live there. Obviously we are the team that it has probably affected the most and we were in a state of turmoil a month or so ago as it has been stated chequers are now. But to be honest for us it has been a blessing in disguise, as it has allowed us to push through alot of young local talent which can only be a good thing for the future And the good vibe is back around the club.
  4. Pennine League strcuture

    Yeah we did, but it needed to happen to keep the club going, Got beat this week by an arrogant Stainland side, (who are top of the league, no real good rugby played, but well done to them, beat us fair + square) Yorks Cup 1/4 final next week we also heard that you may be moving down? god knows, every time a date got arranged the pitch was unplayable, will be the 1st round again soon.
  5. Pennine League strcuture

    Yes, sadly we (Methley) have had to move down to Div 1 having lost several players to Fryston & also a few retirements. Would not be able to compete in premier having worked so hard to get there. exciting times ahead though as with the move down this enables a flood of youngsters (several very good ones aswell) to have made their debuts this week. All 16 years old and should do alright in this division. Good luck to Fryston in Prem. Very Good team they have assembled this year, should do well.
  6. Methley Royals vs Featherstone Lions @ Lock Lane. 7:30 KO Wednesday 13th November. All Welcome