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  1. Brow v West Hull

    The Premier league is getting a bit tight , I mean 3 points between the play offs and relegation, that's crazy.
  2. Brow v West Hull

    That's a good attitude to have mate, I'm sure you'll be back in no time at all.
  3. Brow v West Hull

    Like has been said many times Barbara, East Leeds haven't gone down because Wests won at Wath Brow, it's because of their results through the season.
  4. Siddal v West Hull

    I don't think the west Hull team will be bothered one bit about the Siddal crowd Smudger, they'll be focussing on what they do, should be a good game.
  5. West Hull

    Heard today, that at under16 level there's 46% less players in the game than there was three years ago. It's not only rugby league mind, a few other sports are the same, such as swimming eg.
  6. Quarter finals

    The greens and whites would have been in there but for a committee mistake.
  7. Quarter finals

    You've still got it wrong.
  8. I didn't know that red, as I haven't looked at hardly any for yonks.
  9. Big Hull Derby

    The same place as most of the other regulars, not a lot of interest in summer rugby, too many other things to do.
  10. I don't want to start another you know what, but it's not been the same since the game went from winter to summer. Prem. = Dockers. Div 1 = Skirlaugh or Myton. Div 2 = Not sure as Hull is not represented. Good luck everyone.