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  1. Looks like this will be how to watch NRL next year in the UK. http://www.nrl.com/landmark-international-rights-deal-with-fox-sports/tabid/10874/newsid/113968/default.aspx Seems like no UK channel will be broadcasting and there will be an international deal from Fox. It's a bit short on details at the moment but it appears to be covering NRL, SOO and Aussie international games.
  2. Not for the last couple of years he hasn't.
  3. Maybe Vidot will play prop. If I remember right, he played wing for Brisbane but prop when dropping down to Queensland Cup level.
  4. Eldujo

    Super eight or relegate?

    I was wondering what will happen at Leeds if they start the season in the same sort of form they finished last year with. Will the cheque book finally be opened, will McDermott be given time to turn it around. Of course they could come out flying making these questions irrelevant. I suspect the top of the table will be sorted out on the western side of the pennines with Wigan, Wire & Saints looking strongest. You'd expect Leeds & Huddersfield to make the eight. Catalans will be somewhere in the mix but after that is anyone's guess. I'm hoping for a good year from the Red Devils but I wouldn't be too surprised wherever they finish between 4th & 12th. Hard to judge most of the teams I've not mentioned as there's so many new signings, who knows how they'll gel. Widnes are about the only squad which haven't brought in wholesale changes. Not sure if that means they'll start well due to the consistency in the squad or if they've just not strengthened enough and gone backwards.
  5. but...if he doesn't ditch Salford, they have a decent season & the crowds continue to creep upwards, the 'doctor-haters' will still be there. I suspect they will be until Salford manage to challenge the top four for a few years or win something but even then I'm sure the naysayers will find something to ##### about. So far he's been as good as his word with regards to recruitment and funding so not sure why there's any reason to think he's ready to bail on Salford any more so than any other club's chairman. If he does pick up an NRL team and ditches Salford, I'll be less than impressed but I'll worry about that if and when it happens.
  6. Salford's website to buy them was hopeless up until a couple of days ago. Either the links just sent you to a PDF of the prices or on another occassion, I could buy a ticket but couldn't pick where I wanted to sit. Looks like they've sorted that out at least and they are at least two closer to the 1000 mark after this morning's shopping by me. Sure that's hardly the sole reason but certainly doesn't help.
  7. Matty Ashurst has signed for Wakefield for next year on a two year deal. He's been going OK just lately for Salford so it's a shame to see him go. Salford website mentions it's a salary cap issue for the reason he's not being retained which is fair enough. All the best to him in his future endeavours and hopefully he can stay injury free http://www.wakefieldexpress.co.uk/sport/wakefield-wildcats/wakefield-wildcats-news/wakefield-wildcats-sign-ashurst-1-6765819
  8. Happy New Year all, Does anyone know when the Magic Weekend fixtures generally get released? I've googled it but there's nothing yet on who is playing who. The closest I get is the below link. http://www.superleague.co.uk/article/29207/2014-super-league-fixtures-announced This was on 18/11/13 saying fixtures will be announced next month but here we are in January with no details yet available (as far as I can tell). Is this the norm?