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  1. London (Away)

    i,m going london but probably not the bradford game due to prior arrangement.would have been ok for afternoon or sunday.many more of these changes and it won,t be worth buying a season ticket in future.
  2. New Club Logo

    i might be in the minority here but i don,t like it.all for a more modern approach but i don,t like the lion.
  3. Danny Jones

    just an idea and i,ve not checked dates and feasability but the game with london will have to be replayed.could it be the friday before the challenge cup final.i,m sure fans will turn up in thousands and it would also help put the scholars on the map so some good could come out of this very sad event.
  4. Newcastle - revised date

    i hope it,s not moved to easter week i,m away saturday.comming home friday so we can go to barrow.