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  1. I went with a group of neutrals as well and everyone with me was also raving about a) the quality of the second half and b ) Albert Kelly! Second half felt like a real turning point for Warrington. Also bloody loved the timeline in the south terrace in Warrington - genuinely fascinating.
  2. What an utterly dull game. My heart sinks every time I see it is Saints on sky (the only way I can describe how they play in bad enough terms is that watching them reminds me of watching a bad team playing rugby union) and at the moment Wire look like they couldn't score if the opposition were struck down with the plague pre-kick off. Pretty upset I missed the game last night!
  3. Whisper it quietly, but the salary cap may be working!
  4. I've only been watching league for four years and I didn't experience Cunningham the player, so without that context Saints persistence in keeping him in place seems bizarre. The rugby they play is AWFUL, so dull, and he is clearly taking the club backwards. He also seems quite deluded and strikes me as having no answers to improve things. And yet he gets an extended contract!?
  5. Nice one, cheers - trying to persuade my now unemployed mate to come with me so every penny counts!
  6. Are there any decent ticket offers going at the moment for the Olympic Stadium game? I have been holding fire on this until after today's game but now it is effectively a semi final then tempted to pick up some tickets.
  7. Have you ever wondered?

    My view is that rugby league is unfortunately a victim of two things - not being union and not being football. To the football fan rugby league is associated indelibly with rugby union e.g. it is viewed as a slow, pedestrian, upper class sport by large sections of the football watching public. To the union fan, it is at worst a sport for thick working class folk who are unable to comprehend the depth and nuance of union and at best an enjoyable summer pastime, but one for the m62 corridor. Therefore a huge part of the general population simply has a negative pre-conceived notion of the sport. I say this as someone who came to the game late and with an open mind - whilst I am a southerner who is also a paid up member of one of the most blue blooded rugby union clubs going, as I said on another thread I spent my summers on holiday in Hull as a child and was taken to "FC" from time to time and ready the sport section of the Hull Daily Mail every day). Therefore, when I got sky as an adult and started watching the game on Thursday nights I had no negative notions (and saw the game for what it is - an exciting full blooded spectacle). Personally, having "found" league I now find about 90% of union matches absolutely tedious (I keep my union club membership and this view under my hat because it's the easiest way to see my union-rabid father!). Over the last few years I have tried to introduce various people to the game as I was and have managed successfully with three people (we now have an annual m62 corridor pilgrimage) - by and large though its been a huge struggle because of the negative connotations the game has, as I outlined above.
  8. Was bred (but not born) down south but spent every summer on holiday at my dear grandma's in Hull as a child, so have a major soft spot for the city - gutted to see Rovers go down, bad news for the City so I hope they can bounce back quickly. You do have to say they threw it away really - only had to win one of Leigh, Huddersfield or Salford I believe and were leading all three but still lost. Still, that game was majorly exciting - absolutely wonderful sporting theatre. Up there with Japan v South Africa (Union World Cup) and the Man City Aguero goal for jump out of the seat sporting moments on tv.
  9. Try for me - the way the ball squirmed out / away it was obvious there was some kind of downward pressure (and it must have come from the hand). I was just about to go on a rant about how I was beginning to despair about the way video referees never seem to make correct but brave decisions and then Thaler grows a pair and does so!
  10. What does this mean (only came to the game a few years ago)? Sounds like, in reality, this means he won't be banned on Saturday?
  11. Cas Stadium update

    Someone asked about the tax treatment of the payment for Cas. I am a real estate tax advisor and have worked on a number of transactions through which a professional sports club has move stadiums. The topic of whether the provision of the stadium by a developer is a complicated one on which i have previously provided some quite detailed advice. In summary however the position is broadly: 1. If the developer was providing the new stadium in return for the old cas stadium then the value attributable to the new stadium would be treated (broadly) as capital gains proceeds of cas. However cas would probably look to roll this over into the cost of the new stadium (to claim "roll-over relief"); 2. If the developer is providing the new stadium to cas in return for something from someone other than cas (ie planning permission from the council) then it would taxed as a "capital contribution". Capital contributions received towards a capital project are generally non taxable (ie in the hands of cas). Overall therefore the provision of the new stadium probably wouldn't be taxable. However as I said position is always complicated (working on a couple of these at the moment), particularly in scenario 1.
  12. Possibly the answer to this question is quite straightforward ("we are beholden to sky"), but does anyone know when the timings of the Easter weekend fixtures will be announced? I am travelling up from London with around 10 people for my 30th birthday weekend to watch Cas v Leeds and then the Hull Derby the next day, but waiting on the timings of the derby before booking train tickets. Any chance it will be announced soon? Looking at prior years the timings had generally been announced by now.
  13. I Love Rugby League

    I had watched rugby league on and off for a while but I fell in love with the sport during the 2013 World Cup. A few mates and I attended quite a few of the games (basically because it was cheap!) and I was blown away by the speed and skill of the sport. Straight after the New Zealand England semi final we booked a weekend in Yorkshire watching league! I always say it's a sport which must be watched live at least once as otherwise you don't quite get a true perspective on the intensity of it. I also think as a sport that it hasn't quite lost it's soul like football (star players who you can still relate to, no obvious corporate greed). My main problem with rugby league is that a lot of the time people don't seem to realise that a large part of what makes it brilliant is it's otherness. If the whole world somehow worked out what a brilliant sport it is it would probably become a corrupt, corporate monstrosity or a tool of the cultural elite, and what a tragedy that would be
  14. Eng V NZ Olympic Park tickets

    I work in London and have seen absolutely no mention of this series (although I don't read the Metro / Evening Standard). If I wasn't a regular reader on here I would have no idea the tests were even taking place. My major concern with holding the test in London was timing and whether people would simply be suffering from "event fatigue" after the union World Cup. However, I went on the RWC ticketing website today and noticed that people (presumably England union fans) have been madly trying to dump tickets (there is now good availability across all categories of tickets for Scotland v Australia, for example). You could also buy reasonably priced (reasonable in the context of the union World Cup, not reasonable in the real world) tickets for all other quarter finals. I have also noticed an obvious decline in general interest in the tournament. Given that, this really is a great chance to try and get a good crowd for the London test. England going out of the union World Cup early really is a godsend for the RFL - I just hope they can take advantage. If it helps, I have bought 8 tickets (got a good deal with a voucher code) which I plan to dish out to mates and try and get them hooked like I did in 2013.
  15. In fairness, those bottom tier bits weren't on sale when I checked the RFL website a week or so ago, maybe because I was looking for 4 tickets