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  1. As usual the RFL don't listen to the fans with over 70% against this concept in a recent survey
  2. Summer/Winter debate

    I understand you have to apply to join the NCL and meet the criteria (but that is a different subject) But having leagues in the NE, London, Scotland, Midlands playing march to September with natural chance of promotion would to me be progress, but if the leagues only run May to August with part time players this to me is not the game expanding This is what happens in RU and Football
  3. Summer/Winter debate

    My apologies I thought Derby And I understand where the RU club are coming from as this will create revenue all year round. I would still say progress would be a league running alongside the NCL From March to October i would suspect the few players who like RL and are good at it may be tempted to go to Peterlee to progress their standard of play
  4. Summer/Winter debate

    Yes Premier consists of 10 teams, home and a way you would have thought 18 games but they play only 12 is that all the games that can be fitted in during the Rugby union off season. Looking at the Sports Participation on one of the other threads the Midlands area of RU has seen a big decline, have they come to RL? I would also say success would mean running the midlands league from March to October alongside the NCL with a chance of promotion to this competition
  5. Summer/Winter debate

    I take my hat off to people like you who struggle to keep the RL flag flying in areas like yours and I do apologise for appearing negative I may say looking at the Midlands RL website that for all the years the league has been going it is very slow progress, not many teams and I do not see how a season running from May to August is progress, with some teams only playing 2-4 fixtures, in my view are the union lads just using it as a way of keeping fit That is unless the website is not up to date