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  1. Worked for Wasps RU... Coventry RU in the third tier didn't/don't get big crowds, top flight club from another town moves in and people go to watch. Wakefield/Salford to Birmingham would be a similar distance to Bucks/London to Cov - doubt any RL club would that though.
  2. They do have a CFL team though who are moving to BMO Field (the MLS stadium) from Rogers Centre this year. Any RL team would have both MLS and CFL playing only a few blocks away from Lamport Stadium through the summer. (Plenty of other sports teams too: MLB and cross over with NHL/NBA/NLL seasons.) Good luck to them - hope it works!
  3. I was at the rugby union game at the Olympic Stadium on Wednesday and was sat half way up the 2nd tier at one end (i.e. the cheap seats). I thought the view was good - felt closer to the field than cheap seats at Wembley/Twickenham but then it is a smaller stadium so you would be closer. People sat behind me were complaining that all the toilets/bars were all on the 1st tier but I didn't think that was a big deal. Looking forward to the RL - just hope the RFL puts some effort into letting my fellow southerners know that the game is on...
  4. You can use oyster/contactless on the high speed trains to Stratford now : cost more though. I've used Hackney Wick station instead of Stratford a few times, quieter but no further to Olympic Park. Annoying that you can't pick your seats yet, still says "your initial seat allocations may be required to be changed to equivalent or better seats at a later date." I went to the athletics a few weeks back and I was given "better" seats, ended up on the front row but would have preferred to have been in the upper tier which is what I originally had until being assigned "better" seats. There was a BOGOF offer for the Samoa RU game which I think I saw were £20. When I was at the athletics most of the people around me seemed to be locals, think there is still a buzz around the olympic park. If promoted well think should get 50,000....
  5. So...will the Super League Show be moved from the current (national) Tuesday afternoon slot then?
  6. I noticed that too. It was the Four Nations logo with Samoa on it, i.e. last season's 4N...bit odd. Next 4N is in 2016.
  7. Instead of "proper rugby" how about "Rugby League - rugby made simple".
  8. Not true. Clubs from Ireland, Italy, Scotland & Wales all play in the Celtic League ("RaboDirect Pro 12" as it now called). 7 clubs from that comp qualify for RU's European Cup. The best placed club from each nation (4 clubs) and the 3 highest ranked clubs qualify. The two Italian or Scottish clubs could finish 11th and 12th in the league and the 11th place side would qualify for Europe. I'd like to see NZ Warriors & Cat Dragons in the WCS and hope it happens - they are the best clubs in their countries every single year. Well done them! :-)
  9. Exactly. The best against the best or the worst full time teams against semi pro teams.... (Having said that, being a southerner I'll be keeping an eye on the middle 8 hoping that London go up and may go to a couple of the games but I really don't like the gimmicky "million £ game". Personally I'm hoping this new structure is a stepping stone to a franchised 8-10 team league with a 2nd French team, unlikely I know.)