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  1. You go today Brassey? What a game!
  2. Think there is cons to most grounds. Last years venue had an athletics track around didn't it? out of interest what would your preferred realistic venue have been? should be a close contested final but think hunslet will go one step further this year. Good luck to both teams
  3. I think we would be waiting a while for a thanks, but definitely someone from RFL is checking this page. Well I thought it was 3 up & down originally, but then when told it was 2 down it made sense, as would put 12 in the top 2 divisions and 13 in div 2 & 3. Now Rylands & Elland have dropped out; have they changed their minds so that all the divisions are equal number? (just throwing it out there) However if all clubs were notified of the structure at the beginning of the season there should be no argument.
  4. BigCliff

    Elland ARLFC

    Probably the same answer to everyone else... holidays, injuries & shift patterns. I've not heard about anyone going out with their families over playing (at Drig anyway).
  5. Someone's changed it between 7th August & now!!! Competition rules state: CR 10.0 Promotion/Relegation CR10.1 Promotion and relegation issues throughout the divisional structure will be determined annually by the League’s Management Committee at the pre-season meeting with the bottom two teams in the lowest division being obliged to seek re-election. Anyone know where the minutes are held to this meeting?
  6. After seeing Drig put on their best performance I've seen since admission to NCL (that I've watched anyway) putting Millom to the sword 86-0. I thought it was too little too late in the season; but was told during the game it was 2 and not 3 to be relegated... is this right? If so, who will survive the drop?
  7. BigCliff

    Yorkshire V Cumbria

    There was a charity game at Stanningley between St James' & LGI on the same day. Can only assume they got in there before BARLA... still, Stanningley isn't the only rugby league club in Yorkshire! Is there a match report anywhere?
  8. BigCliff

    Relegation for 2017 season

    Anyone think they will double relegate Elland as mentioned above and add another member to make 12 in all 4 divisions? I like the idea of 2 up 2 down ...champions go up automatically and 2-5 compete in playoffs
  9. BigCliff

    England lions

    Suprised at not one of them being selected tbh...Keiran Murphy and Jamie Bradley have always been outstanding performers everytime i've seen them
  10. BigCliff

    England lions

    Out of interest, who were the 5 that were put forward?
  11. BigCliff

    NCL Div 3 and BBC Online

    I can confirm that Drighlington & Dewsbury Moor was indeed 0-0, but not sure why it isn't on the website. I've never seen a 0-0 before Friday. Must be as Spidey said, someone thinks it was an error.
  12. I agree with you on that point in an individual match. In this case it's a little different as its not a match you are betting on its to win the league. If you had a last minute kick to draw to not win the league or run the ball to win the league; money wouldn't be any influence... I run the ball everyday to win the silverware. It is interesting to see how opinions differ on this matter. Brassey, if i could have, I would have! But don't like the long terms bets; i'm too impatient :-)
  13. Nothing wrong with it at all; I'd be backing my own team if I was still playing for little bit of added incentive! I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure the RFL state as a professional you cannot back your own team to win; my question was more down the lines of is this OK for an amateur to do.
  14. It appears you can place a bet on the winners of each NCL division on SkyBet with some attractive odds in some divisions. Interestingly newly promoted Kells are favourites for the Premier Division win at 10/3 with Siddal 2nd favs. It would be interesting to see what research is done by Sky Bet to ascertain who are the favourites and who are not. What do they know that makes Kells and Siddal shorter odds than last years finalists Leigh Miners & Wath Brow? My local team Drighlington are 4/1 j/f in Division 3 but I heard they were 12/1 earlier! Is there anything to stop players backing their own clubs to win promotion?
  15. BigCliff

    2016 predictions

    Looking at the league tables there is only 1 automatic promotion spot in both Division 2 & 3, with 1 other promotion spot available via the playoffs. 4 to be relegated from Div 1, so on the basis of there being 48 teams for the 2017 season there will be 12 in the top 2 divisions and 13 in div 2, 11 in div 3. I wouldn't want to even predict the top 2 divisions as I'd be basing my predictions on previous seasons... but from local knowledge and games seen last season I think Hunslet CP will again storm through Div 2 and Drig will to avenge their playoff heartbreak from last year by going up automatically in Div 3.