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  1. Oxford and All Golds to merge?

    5 years with no growth , no increase in finance, no increase in fans , nothing progressed off the playing field which makes any on field progress impossible. do they have a development foundation ? sorry but unless that was the 5 year plan then its not exactly competent is it ? As fan of conference league , the community game and the pro game there are plenty of examples of clubs out there that make a fist of being competitive and financially viable by having good off field methods. Look what York Knights have done , you only have to look at their social media to see they are growing the club organically with sponsors ,community engagement and such like. Even when oxford became the 1st team ever to play Toronto in pro RL they failed to "get on the back of it " . the genuine fans and players have been let down as well as the game of rugby league. the rfl also have to hold their hand up and take an indepth look at the people running these clubs before they allow them entry. You don't need to be a millionaire but you need to be able to support the club by having some kind of growth and sustainability plan .
  2. Oxford and All Golds to merge?

    from what I heard you might have hit the nail on the head in terms of the incompetent people running these clubs. I spoke to a couple of the Oxford players when they played Doncaster this year at fev. the players said the board had basically left them in lurch after a very good start to the season. the coach was running the club & the team and even had to arrange things like travel , medical cover , places to train the whole shabbang. Southern players actually had to drive 300/400 miles in there own cars to play games in the north as the club wouldn't transport them by bus. the directors agreed the players could stay in a hotel/b&b before home games had then booked the team into a very dodgy hostel one night before a game - one player said the coaching staff had been ordered to select northern players only for games up north to save money on travel and the coach had totally lost his patience with the board. at that time may-ish, I was told the entire coaching staff & even the physiotherapist had informed the club they were leaving this year . that may have heightened merger plans and probably explains why oxford arnt in next year. But all in all says a lot about the people calling themselves owners , directors , c.e.o. s . my local nw mens league team is run better than that.
  3. Oxford and All Golds to merge?

    there are some very promising British coaches in league 1 & champ , rumford & tsang at Coventry have certainly over achieved with the resources they have. Oxford defeated York and Hunslet this year ?? and Coventry have had some good wins/ close shaves with the bigger clubs. Its amazing that other clubs don't take a look at these guys as they must have something about them. Given a fair budget it would be interesting to see what they could achieve. It will be very interesting also to see the coaching set up at a new oxford /all golds merger ,where the club will be based and how they will recruit players ....more questions than answers I think. Very good point about low level RU paying players earning more than league 1 clubs can offer . why would these lads want to play are much harder game for less money ?
  4. Oxford and All Golds to merge?

    very interesting insight from the coaches . Particularly the Oxford boss stating oxford have circa 70k to spend on players ! How on earth does he get a team on the park for that . Just done some quick sums (sad I know) but across league & cup games that's around £140 per appearance per player on average . Surely semi pro level RL has to pay more than that ? & they won games against big teams this year . also interesting to hear Lee Greenwood just about say its a non starter. probably on the basis that Oxfords 70k is not going to help much when all golds have already been spending 2 or 3 times that amount and still not cracked it down there money talks and without a benefactor , sugar daddy type figure its not going to change much
  5. Oxford and All Golds to merge?

    I was speaking to a gent at the york game yesterday (someone who knows a few that are connected with oxford and good source) that oxford directors had just about packed up and boarded the place up some weeks ago leaving the coach/staff/players with no support. The players have been left traveling on minibuses and in cars to games and the club no longer train in oxford as they can't afford it . Some players promised pay reviews mid season have not been honoured . I can see why the season has crashed and burned if that's the case . Shoddy to say the least and I bet the coach and players are feeling it .sounds like they have been badly let down. We remember when they beat the knights this year . Oxford looked the real deal with a nice ground and things looked rosy down there . Just shows how lucky clubs like york are with the off feild management .London don't get lots on fans but are very proactive off the feild and thats why they have stood the test of time. Clubs like all golds and oxford just seem to stagnate through "inactive leadership" Shame
  6. not sure if anyone else has asked - But how much is this TV deal worth. League 1 is almost a waste ground interms of commercial sponsorship with many clubs struggling to make ends meet. Surely the RFL have got a decent deal which puts a few quid into these clubs ? If not - they could refuse to be broadcast ?
  7. as a York rugby fan , I attended this game on my to visit family in newbury ! I was actually shocked to find people with oxford shirts at the ground and a smattering of support for both sides. The ground was a good facility and there are worse in league 1 (and champ) I got to speaking with a couple of Oxfords people and I am led to believe that the southern clubs do NOT get any more funds from RFL than any other league 1 side - Its a myth ??. They have little income from gates and not much in terms of sponsors , I would say they have been "hung out to dry" a bit . looking at the quality of oxfords team , they are a game bunch but only young lads who are from forces game ,academies & amateur game . no match for the Knights that's for sure . Its easy to have a pop at the expansion teams and I always thought they was propped up by RFL giving them extra monies , seems not !
  8. Siddal away challenge cup

    I was at the game - the staff looked uninterested as did the players. the point above is a good one , you have to question the appointment of a coach with no knowledge of the competition. Recruitment has been uninspiring to say the least but if the guy has no idea what is required then what should we expect . the ozzy accent probably got mick the job rather than any kind of rational thought. I hope things improve and quickly !
  9. The York City Knights Awards Night

    cant believe gary thornton is not on that list .... he did a great job in his time at the club. Coach of the year , top of the league. More than most on that list !
  10. Stanley gene leaves thunder

    the usual "big names" will come out of the wood work. Be interesting to see if thunder have learnt from this last couple of years . A young hungry coach would be a good option , but the club may need someone who is well connected within the game to bring in quality players. maybe some young hungry players also needed ? We watched a few thunder games this season and the PNG boys was a big let down from what we saw .
  11. york v thunder

    went to the game to as I was looking forward to a tight contest . I couldn't believe how poor Newcastle are ! I don't support either side , but live near heworth and my boy plays junior rugby there so was looking forward to the match up. I was also looking forward to seeing the PNG boys in action but I have to say I didn't notice them ! I know thunder have spent big (in league 1 terms) but I am not sure the PNG players have repaid this investment. York were very professional in their approach and completed well with few errors .
  12. U23's

    According to the RFL there are 8 teams interested in running a reserve grade from the championships (accross both divisions). Any less and it wouldnt be worth running , so if any drop out (which will happen when they realise cost etc) it will impact on the reality of this happening. The key here is that there is very little appitite for watching reserve grade championship rugby in a meaningless comp. Superleague is a diffent issue as people would turn up to watch and it would pay for its self. In any case the reserve grade players would be on "terms and conditions" agreements and would be able to continue playing for thier community club . Also , champ & champ 1 clubs would not pay any match money to these players . Its not an attractive package for any player over 19/20 imo
  13. Next Season

    The main concern for me is what kind of players the club can now attract. Less money , little or no income from gates next year and a coach who will struggle to get quality players as he has limited experience in working with the desired calibre of player (does he have relationships with the relevant contacts in the game). An almighty struggle ahead i fear