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  1. Hunslet v South Wales

    Hello Hunslet Miner, I have the answer for you having watched for eight years since I retired. Both referees have the same decision making powers so either can make a decision. One referee looks after the team with the ball, the other referee looks after the team defending if you like to put it that way. When the ball changes hands for any reason the defending team that was is now the team with the ball. The referee who was looking after the team with the ball now changes position and is now doing the same job, looking after the team with the ball. The referee who was looking after the defending team originally also changes position and is looking after the new defending team . Both referees now have change position by 180 degrees so they are both still doing their original job. This happens every time the ball changes hands to the opposition. These referees have to be very fit ! They also both wear the same colored jersey so it is easy to spot them while their is play. A pity I cannot send a recorded clip as watching it for five minutes you would soon get the idea. It sounds complicated just trying to write down the idea but in actual fact it is quite simple when you see it in a game. I hope my explanation is of some help to you. Lapu Lapu Hun resident in the Philippines. 65 plus years ago you would have found me at Mother Bensons End on the grass with several uncles and dad behind me. Allan Winterburn is my real name.
  2. Frederick William Barlow

    Ginger Burnell was the Hunslet scrum half in the 1950s, his brother Walter Burnell also played at that time but he was a forward not a back.