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  1. Whitehaven - the game.

    We have to be absolutely, utterly and relentlessly merciless for the full 80+ minutes. And with cutting edge backs and barnstorming for'ards i think they've got it within them. The lads put in a great shift up there last time but there wasn't enough daylight between the teams when we had a 'wobble' on Haven's dodgy bit of turf and let them back in at the death. Need to get us noses in front and then just bury them. As quickly as possible.
  2. Dewsbury

    Massively disappointed when i left the ground but now far more upbeat. Could have nicked it though. I'd like to see the lost ball/strip again that gave Dewsbury the scrum at the end and that led to the try. Massive shifts from everyone though but particularly the new blokes Forster, Hand, Hood et al. Wasted some good field position at times which is a bit of a concern. All in all though, short of winning, a great performance and a great game.
  3. Good away win at Keighley

    Great resilience and mental as well as physical strength shown today. Didn't go to bits when mistakes were made or when they shipped points. Kept their discipline, toughed it out and then went down the other end and scored. Knocking on in front of the posts would have meant conceding a try as a nailed on certainty not so long ago but not now. Defence was epic but some great sleight of hand produced as well. Littler came up with a bit of magic just when it was needed.
  4. Hooker Overload?

    Glenngary; totally agree - we'll thrash the cannon fodder and that will give us a false impression of strength. Then we'll come unstuck against the likes of Crusaders ( as we have just seen)and the other likely lads . Won't be by much but it won't matter . There's not going to be much in it at the top and the lack of beef will matter when the squad gets even more thinned out with injury and general fatigue.

    They had a poor second half against us earlier in the season and they certainly put that right today. Up against their bigger units we should have looked to have stretched them wide and tired them out in the heat. Instead we played one up rugby that suited them, they took control, put us under the cosh and it was only them that really looked like scoring tries in the end. Massive effort by the lads all the same. Work in progress. Going in the right direction. But need more poke and more grunt. We're still undersized compared with the likes of Crusaders in my opinion. Indiscipline was a killer as well though but i do think the referee was inconsistent. They were quite clearly as offside as us at times but didn't get penalised. But still a good day. It was a good turnout and i'm sure the lads will be heartened with the enthusiasm.
  6. Barker strikes again, unbelievable!

    Don't put him off now he's starting giving us a bit of copy just recently. He's been making up for a previous lack of interest with some pretty decent stuff in the last few weeks. Lets hope we can give him another good story this weekend and beyond that as well.
  7. We are not alone

    Because of our obvious age demographic print is still going to be important for some time and getting back old fans is going to be just as important as getting new ones. We need to push on all fronts to get maximum media exposure. The demise/replacement of the Advertiser is particularly bad timing with the opportunities of a cup final appearance and a promotion push to generate interest being diminished. On line is generally only good for those already on board and interested otherwise its not the best for catching the attention of potential new or returnee fans. Besides once you put aside the faddishness of online good old print is still the best way of taking in the news for many. People can bang on about the MEN/MWN forever as far as i'm concerned - because it needs doing.
  8. Barrow

    Result not entirely surprising . The previous two games were hard hard yakka. Small squads are always going to suffer with a schedule like that. 3 matches in a week and a bit against teams who are obviously going to be there or thereabouts at the end of the season.
  9. Bring back Mcnamara

    And things could get even worse in terms of getting media exposure judging by the first Manchester Weekly News i've seen. Admittedly i don't think there was a Swinton game to report but it simply looks like a rehash of the MEN with a slight local bias in terms of news but a very local property section (which is probably the whole point of the exercise to the MEN). Its the MEN in disguise.Plenty of United, City oh and yes Salford . Real local it ain't . I hope this first run is just 'work in progress' . Its not just Swinton who will lose out in this format. Other local semi pro/amateur sport whether it be football, RL, RU, cricket et al should be brassed off it continues. Someone needs to get stuck into their ribs. We're already shut out of the main media outlets as it is.
  10. Newcastle Thunder semi final

    Much greater resilience and composure on show than previous seasons. Didn't panic when Thunder pegged us back to 30-28. Complete implosion and defeat would have been the usual result but they kept their nerve and finally produced a killer punch that took the game away from them at the death. A quicker dispatching mind you would have been easier on the body. Hope there's still enough left for Barrow. To win there would top a great week and a bit.
  11. Today's Match

    Great performance overall despite the conditions and gifting them early points.But we should have won it. Should have kicked the penalty in front of the posts in the first half. Would have been the difference as there was never going to be much in it on a day like today. Lost it a bit at the death as well. Should have been able to manufacture at least one attempt at a drop goal. However the overall performance,in particular the second half ,was terrific. Lots to be upbeat about.