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  1. I can confirm that solomona has been a sale employee for a fortnight already
  2. Player recruitment

    What do we think about the players joining so far, I think the time was right for some fresh faces as long as we are not replacing them with fresh faces all through the season. Fans need to build a bond with a team and not be wondering who the new faces are week in week out. Team spirit only grows in a settled team, I know injuries play a part but let's stick fundamentally to a settled team and have some identity again like a few years ago , anyone agree with me
  3. Players leaving

    Hardly played, injured a lot and out on loan a couple of times
  4. 2017 Squad and Signings

    I hear rob massam from north wales is choosing between you and the hornets, great player
  5. Players leaving

    Looks like a lot of the backbone of the team will be leaving us now, those boys have given us some great service and great memories .I would like to thank them and wish them good luck in the future
  6. I don't think that it is sustainable for cru to stay in Wrexham, it is obvious that we will never attract the crowds we need to progress over the next ten years. As was seen in our super league era crowds dropped from 10 thousand to 2 thousand in the end. Just no interest in the town
  7. Demise of the cru

    As long as its not Iestyn Harris,
  8. Demise of the cru

    Its ok Attracting new owners tto the club and new investors but what do the owners actually own and how long until the new investors get fed up with losing money. Crusaders need home gates of 900 plus to keep going properly , how,much fun could it have been to follow south wales over the years, owners coming and going and a new home every year and attendances under 300. I love the cru but there comes a time to put an ill animal to sleep for everyone concerned.
  9. Demise of the cru

    Final nail in my view, the likes of tj and Robbie massam deserve better now.
  10. Demise of the cru

    That's what I mean , there used to be five or six regular posters on this forum but that has dried up to just a couple. Little things I know but none of it is positive
  11. Demise of the cru

    I've watched the cru in 99% of their home games since their inception a few years ago,I can't help but feel we won't have a team very much longer. I was mad for the sport but my optimism is waning massively this year, we seem to get know where attracting crowds even the ones we do get are mostly the wrong side of fifty so no continuity in future. No youth no future is blatantly clear.the. players continue to do their best but must be getting fed up by now with how much the side changes all the time.just my view I hope I'm wrong
  12. How can league one clubs build a fan base when sometimes home games can be a month apart. The rfl are a bloody disgrace, they dont give a toss, im not surprised every club is ran on fresh air because you cant run a club and make any money at all the way it is now, how hard can it be to have a home game once a fortnight, the football league can do it so why cant we.
  13. Workington away

    Big game for you guys, joe burke has left us to join you , I cant remember him having a bad game, he can shift for a prop aswell. Keep sammut quiet and I think you will edge it
  14. When crusaders were formed it was mooted about that we would need crowds of between 800 and 1000 to make ends meet, since that first year even when we got promoted our crowds have gradually declined . The club needs to promote the club better. I live 25 miles away from wrexham and nobody around here has ever heard of NWC which surely says something about the people promoting the club.
  15. Good luck Crusaders for the 2016 season

    Thanks moorside,I genuinely think you will stay up this season.I think you will beat the teams in your mini league at the bottom of the championship, but I also think you will surprise a few of the bigger teams on the way. I dont know about us this year fingers crossed though