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  1. forecast for sunday

    looking like a decent sunny day weather wise in york on sunday temps hitting 14c by kick off time with it slightly windy.
  2. barra coach

    Barra coach anthony Murray has stepped down with immediate effect due to work commitments.not sacked as some jam pieeaters would have it called.
  3. Whitehaven need time to gel, says ex-Wigan winger

    There isnt time to gel that should of been done pre-season we had to hit the ground running not walking!!
  4. officials for sunday v dewsbury

    09 Mar KO:15:00ChampionshipRd: 4 Dewsbury Rams v Whitehaven RLFC Tetley's Stadium Ref: J Cobb Touch J: J Callaghan Touch J: A Smith Reserve: C Straw M Com: J Holdsworth
  5. more from haven

  6. Lowdon to enter Whitehaven RL Hall of Fame

    excellent choice.